today was a hard day.

my sweet bishop and his wife passed away today in a car accident in provo canyon.  we went to a testimony meeting/memorial tonight at the church and i just bawled.  the questions kept running through my head:

why did this have to happen?  why did they have to die?  why? why? why?

i sat there with tears running down my cheeks and my head full of so many wonderful memories with the two of these wonderful people.  sister draper as a young women leader.  seeing her every single day at the library at the high school.  her huge smile.  her gentle voice.  her hugs.  her genuine concern for me.  bishop draper being made the bishop.  learning to love him.  shaking his hand and having my arm feel like it was going to be ripped off.  listening to his laugh.  soaking him with water guns (and getting way more soaked myself).  going into his office.  having the overwhelming feeling that he loves me and wants the best for me.  seeing his tears as he bore his testimony.

finally it dawned on me.  these two have a much more important mission.  and it isn't here on earth -- but in the spirit world, where they can be happy and rest from all their cares and sorrows.

i'm happy that they were able to go together.  i'll miss them and the example they set for me in my life, but i'm truly grateful for the knowledge i have that they live.

our Father in Heaven has a plan for us.  He knows what is best.  it was their time to go.

Bishop and Sister Draper, i love you.  <3

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Michelle said...

Amen. So grateful for the gospel and for people like the Drapers who teach us through their example, love and a life of service.