12 OF 30

describe a typical day in your current life.

haha... so far my life is pretty boring this summer.  a typical day?

7:45 am -- wake up.  shower, get ready for work... which means actually getting ready for the day.  do my hair, put some jewelry on, wear some professional clothes.  julia and melina would be so proud of me! ;)

8:55 am -- leave for work with the lunch that mom packed and a breakfast on the go (usually oatmeal and fruit).

9:00 - 5:00 -- work at red ledges!  i thought it was going to be a drag, but it's turned out to be SO much fun!  i really like what i do and i reaaally like who i work with.  all 30+ aged men, but all super nice and really fun.  i answer phones, put together packets, take the mercedes down to the car wash, put together emails, organize a lot of things, etc.

5:00 pm -- walk home.  in high school you were labeled a loser if you didn't have a car.  now, i really enjoy the time to myself.  it gives me a whole mile to just think.  and the weather is beautiful!  i've enjoyed walking home from work every day.  OR go straight to work at The Store until 10:00 pm.

5:30 pm -- get home, tell mom about my day.  usually it's full of "I love my job!" moments.

6:00 pm -- this time of day varies. a lot.  but i'll do one of the following:  go on a run, do some P-90X, READ (i've missed reading soooo much!!), talk to my sister about her day, play with my brothers, help make dinner, etc.

6:30ish pm -- eat dinner.  i have definitely missed good ol' mom's cooking and eating as a whole family!

7:00 pm -- help do the dishes (usually).

7:30 - 10:30 pm -- ah, i don't know.  this time is mostly spent either a) on the computer, blogging or on Skype talking to my friends, or b) reading, or c) just spending some good time with my family.

10:30 pm -- scriptures and journal!

around 11:00 - 11:30 (or sometimes 12:00) -- hit the hay.

get up, repeat.  but varied.  sometimes i'll go to provo, or hang out with my friends, or have random adventures...  it all depends!  :)

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