first off, anyone wanting to take music 101 at byu?

DON'T.  don't do it.  it's horrible.

melina and i were studying for our fourth test this semester when suddenly riley and haley walked in with cherry 7-up and limeade.  they poured us a glass of cherry limeade and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! :)

look, riley even cut a lime and put it on our glass! 

happy thursday! (which means it's almost friday, which means it's almost the biggest LDS holiday of the year = general conference!)



a few weeks ago, marianne and cindy came down to provo to visit!  man, it was good to see them.  after lunch at brick oven, we went back to my apartment, berg came over, and we all caught up on everything.  i absolutely loved talking to them and hearing all about what was going on in their lives.  we had a grrrreeeaatttt time :)

good friends are so important to me.  i am so thankful for the good friends i had in high school (and of course, my friends i've made here at byu!)  i have been so blessed with amazing girls that have taught me so much and are always loyal, trustworthy, exemplary, fun, beautiful friends.

"some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better."



1.  post the rules.
2.  post a photo and 11 random facts about yourself
3.  answer questions from tagger
4.  ask questions for those you wish to tag
5.  tag away!

wow.  that's hot. 

random fact #1:  i am not your typical girly girl.  most days, it's throw the hair in a ponytail, no jewelry, and t-shirt and jeans.  i mean, don't get me wrong, i dress up too.  about once or twice a week.  

random fact #2:  running is like a drug for me. i love it.  i get addicted.  when i don't go for awhile, i forget how much i go crazy for running... and then i go again, and i wonder how could i have forgotten this?!?

random fact #3:  i've never been a big fan of painting my nails, but since coming to byu, it's growing on me.  (i'm sure thanks to my roommates!)  i don't go out without my fingers and toes painted. 

random fact #4:  i LOVE kids.  probably one of the big reasons i decided to become an elementary school teacher!  whenever i see babies or toddlers, i want to scoop them up and give them a big squeeze.  and probably a kiss.  little kids are so funny!  when the time comes to have my own little kidlets, i want 5 or 6.

random fact #5:  breakfast is my favorite meal... but i hardly ever eat breakfast.  weird, i know.  but honestly, i just don't have time in the mornings for anything besides a yogurt, a granola bar, or an apple on the way out the door.  but, dang..  bacon, pancakes, waffles, eggs, juice?  that stuff is my favorite.  i would rather go out to breakfast than go out to dinner. 

random fact #6:  i love my computer.  macs all the way!  

random fact #7:  i hate -- and i mean HATE -- collar bones.  do not EVER touch my collar bone.  i just feel like it's going to snap in half when it's touched.  don't rub it, don't massage it, don't poke it, don't don't don't DON'T touch it. 

random fact #8:  my favorite color is and forever will be turquoise.

random fact #9:  i loveeeeeee jon schmidt.  i might be obsessed.  like for real.  he is so awesome.  i'm pretty sure he's the reason why i love playing the piano so much.

random fact #10:  i really like cooked cabbage.  i need to buy some cabbage, haven't had any since i moved... hmm...

random fact #11:  i am addicted to blogging.  (can't ya tell?!) 

the answers to julia's questions:
1.  dream vacation spot?  hawaii.  definitely.  i've never been there, but have wanted to go for years.  

2.  wedding colors?  i don't have my colors exactly picked out, but i know i want something vintage.  look here to see my wedding.  i've decided that's exactly how it's going to be.  

3.  weird obsession?  80's music! love it! 

4.  most life changing event?  graduation from wasatch high school.  i remember that crazy day like it was yesterday.  having to say goodbye to that stage in my life was so sad and so hard, but i wouldn't trade it for the world.  i love where i am in my life right now! 

5.  most awkward moment?  once upon a time i was on a date, and we went out to lunch.  we sat down at the table, and i picked up my sandwich and took a big bite.  i was starving!  well, with my mouth full, i looked across the table to see my date with his head bowed and his arms folded.  he was praying!  in a restaurant!  (who does that??)  and i felt like an idiot.  so i hurried and put down my sandwich and bowed my head as well, hoping that he wouldn't look up and see me trying to chew and swallow my food as fast as i could. 

6.  favorite icing flavor?  peanut butter -- hands down!! 

7.  when you are frustrated or upset what do you do to calm down?  i usually go to the piano and play a bunch of hymns.  either that or i go to youtube and listen to as many of jon schmidt's songs as i can. 

8.  celine dion or shania twain?  shania baby!!! for sure! (i love celine too, but i grew up singing shania.)

9.  what was your worst date?  ahh.. worst date.  in high school, i was asked on a date that i did not want to go on.  it was awkward the entire time.  near the end of the date, he asked me if i wanted to true wasp (kiss across the W on the football field).  i politely declined, and when i got home, i cried to my parents about how awful and awkward the entire experience was.  blah.. hate awkward dates.

10.  what is your most prized possession and why?  my journal.  i absolutely love writing in it.  if i ever lost it, i would cry.  it has so much of my life written in there.  so many things that i hold dear.

11.  if you could pick a name for yourself what would it be?  actually, i'm cool with my name.  and my many wonderful nicknames.  shay, shay bay, shay bay bay, shay k :) 

your questions: 
1.  what was the happiest memory of your life? 
2.  the saddest?
3.  describe a typical day in your life today.
4.  where would you like to live when you grow up and why? (when you grow up.. haha. you know what i mean.)
5.  biggest pet peeve and why?
6.  favorite color? 
7.  who has been the biggest influence in your life? what lessons have you learned from that person?
8.  how would you like to be remembered?
9.  how has your life been different than you've imagined?
10.  how do you feel about your family?  your friends?
11.  describe yourself to someone who knows nothing about you. 



there have been some things going on lately that have made me want to sit down and cry, or pull my hair out, or go live in a hole.

but yesterday, i found this video.  and it made me smile.  and then it made me laugh.

it is a strange thing -- but an amazing blessing -- that at the time you need a smile the most, it comes.  the Lord is honestly mindful of me.  i am reminded of that on a daily basis.  He loves me and reminds me through His tender mercies... little things that remind me of how blessed i am to be alive and to be at this point in my life.

enjoy this video.  it definitely brought a smile to my face.

and ps...  jon schmidt, i love you.

(creepy to say to a married man?  maybe.  but dang.  this guy is my hero.)



the best friend a girl could ask for.  

jewels, you've been with me through the thick and the thin. 
we've seen each other's highs and lows. 

when i don't want to talk to anyone else, i talk to you.  

you make me laugh, cry, roll my eyes, love my life, count my blessings, remember good memories, and strengthen my testimony.  

we're at byu together now.  

we don't get to see each other every day, but you know what i love?  we're still best friends.  still there for each other, no matter what.  still sharing our secrets and our deepest fears.  still chatting about boys and grades and drama and church and classes and everything.   

we have come a long way in the past little while.  we've grown up a lot.  

thanks for being a loyal best friend.  thanks for putting up with me through it all.  

thanks for making me feel better when i'm down.  thanks for everything.  best friends for life! 

i love you, sister!  always will!  :)  



man.  the past few days have been priiiiime.

we enjoyed this delicious bacon/chicken/cream cheese pasta deliciousness.  mmmm.. thanks melina!

3/14 -- pi day!  we got a surprise last night.  3 boys from our ward brought us 3 pieces of pie to celebrate the special day.  it was awesome! thanks guys! :) 

good morning, byu!  i think march and june got confused this year -- i am lovin it!

yet another good morning picture.  hellooooo sunshine!

everyone (and i mean EVERYONE and their mother) was studying outside because of the joyous weather!

go march madness!  now those of you that know me well enough are probably thinking, what the heck?  shaylee knows absolutely nothing about basketball, why in the world did she make a bracket?  well, kids, i am smart.  and i had riley do my bracket for me...  watch me win :)  haha

and hey, guess what guys? it's almost friday!!  this week -- despite a paper, a test, a lot of homework, a lot of work, and tons of stress -- has been wonderful.  there is joy all around us, all we have to do is find it!  

"we tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."  <3



anybody need a good prank idea?

i'm your girl.

get the toilet seat covers from wal mart (props to melina for bringing them to us over christmas break) and stick them on people's cars.  we also wrote mild potty humor on them, all for the viewing pleasure of my best friend jewels.

love you julia!  this is simply payback for the many times you have pranked me.



so, this song pretty much just describes my mood today:  happy, joyful, and so in LOVE with the sun!

we spent the majority of the afternoon outside on a blanket, laying there reading, homework-ing, talking, and soaking up the sun's amazing rays.

the moments captured today (unfortunately, no pictures of us outside.  i'm a horrible photographer):

yes, we actually put our sunglasses on to go sit outside. whoooooo for summer!! (okay... spring.)

we discovered a new recipe!  we made it up -- be proud!  it's called lemon butter garlic chicken and pasta.  it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  it's delicious.  and lemons make everything taste like summer.  haley and i are excited to eat, obviously. 

AND homemade lemonade, straight from AZ and thanks to our lovely melina :) 

here's to summer!  hope your day was equally as lovely and full of sunshine! 



whoo!!!!!  it's FINALLY friday!

this week has been one of those weeks where every day feels like it drags on.  monday felt like it should be friday already.  tuesday felt like we hadn't had a weekend for a month.  wednesday, i wanted to die.  thursday felt like 3 days all rolled into one.  and now... friday is here!

granted, i still have to take a test.  but as soon as the test is over, i'm going home!

but... i have laundry to do.  and a lot of studying for next week.  and my friday night will probably be spent at home doing these things.

but hey, it's still friday.  and that means two days of no school.  hallelujah!

happy friday to everyone!

ps.  the greatest thing about this friday is the beautiful WEATHER!!! have you been outside? it is lovely.  i'm not even wearing a coat today! not even a jacket! i'm definitely walking home and then staying outside until the sun goes down.  summer, you can't come fast enough! :)


1 PRO, 1 CON

one of the pros about going to byu is that everyone is exceptionally friendly.  walk down the sidewalk and make eye contact with someone, and instead of feeling that awkward shoot we made eye contact, look away..  look away..  feeling, you get a smile and a nod, or maybe even a "hi!"  with complete strangers.  it's a friendly campus.

one of the cons about everyone being so friendly is that when you step off the bus, and the overpowering wind blows a large gust of dust/leaves in your eyes, and they immediately start watering... then everyone you pass on the sidewalk looks at you with concern.  this just happened to me.  10 minutes ago.  my eyes were watering (that dang wind), and not one but TWO people stopped me and said, "are you doing okay?"  one was my lovely visiting teacher, and the other was a complete stranger.  embarrassing.  guys, i'm fine, i'm fine, it's the wind.  thanks though.


my roommates and i are secret agents... shh.  don't tell.  we absolutely love spying on our friends and their dates.

it does make it convenient that we have a peephole, which we can look out whenever we hear someone arriving back home from a date.  whether it be a hug, a handshake, a high-five, a kiss on the cheek, a peck on the lips, or something a little longer than that, those of us watching inside wouldn't miss those moments for the world.  a dtr (for those of you that aren't up-to-date on these fun abbreviations, that means 'define the relationship') is always fun to watch as well.  those call for a longer stake out -- at the window.  i think it's safe to say i have now successfully mastered the art of spying.  want me to let you in on the secrets?

lights = off.  all of them.  your unsuspecting friend and her potential (or maybe not) boyfriend outside can't know what's going on.

blinds = cracked.  we have found that you can hold them with your fingers, but then that gets really old.  the best method for spying is to stick your nose all the way on the window, and hold the blinds down with your nose.  it works quite well.

pillows = necessity.  your neck gets real tired from craning it to see what's going on in the conversation down below.  prop a pillow under your chin, nose holding the blinds open... heck, you could stay like that for hours!

commentary = hilarious.  it's amazing what comes out of your mouth during these secret spy sessions.  "they look upset... it must not be going well."  "oh, well he just put his hand on her knee, that's a good sign."  "are they gonna kiss?"  "i can't see!!"  "they're leaning in...."  "what do you think they're talking about?"  "what could they POSSIBLY be talking about?!"

i'm pretty sure i've done this to every single one of my roommates... without fail.  i don't think any one of them has ever done it to me.  i must be pro!! ;)



gordon b. hinckley said, "do the best you can.  but i want to emphasize that it be the very best.  we are too prone to be satisfied with mediocre performance.  we are capable of doing so much better."

i think i've allowed myself to forget the importance of this.

doing my best doesn't mean simply doing what i'm barely supposed to -- going to school, working, reading my scriptures, doing some studying, preparing my sunday school lesson the day before (or the day of)...

it's just not enough.

i need to go to school and learn.  i'm at byu, the greatest university ever (yes, i'm biased.  you should ALL be here), and i need to take advantage of this tremendous blessing.  i need to work, the full 20 hours a week, so that i'm not living off yogurt and apples and granola bars.  i need to not only read my scriptures, but study them, and ponder them, and pray about them.  i need to study my hardest so that i can get a great gpa.  i need to prepare my sunday school a week before, and be thinking about it!

shaylee k -- it's time to be your very BEST.

anyone with me?



happy birthday to the greatest lady ever, my mom!  top 10 reasons why i love her so much:

#1:  she's a fabulous cook.  does your mom make you sweet potato hashbrowns?  chocolate chip cookies?  green smoothies?  gingerbread waffles?  chunky monkey pancakes?  rustic bread?  divine rolls?  if she does, i'm sure she doesn't make it as good as my mom does.  my mom not only can make anything taste delicious, but she knows the importance of eating healthy and she has passed that along to me.  one of the things that i'm going to take to my own family was the rule that we couldn't come to the dinner table saying "i don't like this."  it had to be "this isn't my favorite..."  haha.  i've come to love that rule.  thanks for such a great legacy of cooking, mom.  i know i won't ever be able to fill those shoes.

 probably the best bread you'll ever taste in your life.  ever.

#2:  she's a runner!!  LOVE this!  throughout my lame, awkward 6th-8th grade years, i wanted to be good at something.  my mom, through example, made me fall in love with running.  we've run a few half marathons together, two Ragnar relays, and many other races, as well as run pretty much all over heber valley.  i can't even begin to express how valuable this time with my mama is to me.  we are able to talk while running.  i have learned so much about my mom through these experiences, and i think she's learned a lot about me as well.  these times, running with my mom, will forever be some of my favorite memories.

my family ran our first 5K!  not sure what year this was, but it was a while ago because parker and whitney look like babies.  haha.  i know, my family's awesome.  you don't have to tell me. 

#3:  she's so easy to talk to.  my mom has always been my best friend.  when i get home from school, or a date, or a night with my friends, my time is usually spent either following her around the house or sitting on her bed, telling her about what i did.  i love that she will listen to me.  i know she cares about what i'm talking about.  when i've made a mistake, i feel like i can talk to my mom about it and she will help me through it.  now that i'm not living at home, we text pretty much all day every day, and usually talk on the phone.  i'm so glad we do!  mom, i love talking to you! 

 best friends.  always.  :) 

#4:  she loves my dad.  i am so blessed to have the parents that i do, and that they love each other so much.  they have taught me what a marriage should be like, and how life should be lived.  i love that they love each other.  they love doing things for each other, going places together, spending time together, exercising together, playing games together, and teasing each other.  i want my relationship with my husband to be like my parents' relationship. 

man, look at them.  they are stinkin cute!!  20 years and going strong!

#5:  she's got an amazing testimony.  i know she loves the gospel and the Lord so much.  i don't think i could have been taught any better how to put the Lord first in my life and be successful in the gospel.  my mom has taught me that the gospel life is the best life, and true happiness can only be achieved through giving your heart to the Lord.  she pushes me to be better every single day.  how grateful i am for that!  she always magnifies her callings and tries a little harder every day.  what an amazing example.  

my young women leaders of the heber first ward.  my mom was the president and did an AMAZING job.

#6:  she's an awesome quilter.  (okay, i know you've gotta be thinking.. is there anything she DOESN'T do?!  the answer is no.)  seriously though, her quilting/sewing skills rock.  she's made so many things for me -- i couldn't begin to write them all out here -- but my favorite thing is probably my bedspread.  i wanted a "hawaiian" room for so long, and my mom spent months on my quilt.  it is a beautiful quilt.  i love it so much i brought it with me to college.  she makes the most fabulous things!  she's got soooo much talent.  i will never be as talented as she is! 

yeah, my mom made that and hung it up on each of our birthdays every year. 

#7:  she is so positive!  my mom is constantly smiling and laughing and looking for ways to make a situation better.  i have learned so much from this.  she's so friendly to everyone she meets.  she makes me laugh on a daily basis, whether it be in person, or through a text, or on the phone.  she has one of those contagious personalities, where everyone wants to be around her.  i hope that i have taken some pages out of her book!  :) 

that's my mom, right there.  always so happy!! 

#8:  she is always, always willing to try new things.  whether it be a new recipe, a new food, a new outfit, a new exercise challenge, a new book, etc.  my mom is always willing to put herself out there!  she has gained so much from doing this.  i know i look up to her for all of the new things she tries... especially when we make fun of her for trying them, and then they end up being awesome.  

one time, my mom and i went to savers and picked out the ugliest clothes and tried them on.. dontcha wish your mom did that with you?! 

#9:  she has a wonderful relationship with her mom.  i think this is what made me yearn for a good relationship with my mom.  my mom and my grandma are such great examples to me.  they, too, are best friends -- something that i look up to so much.  they love to see each other, laugh together, spend time together, and give advice to each other.  what a legacy of love.  

two of the cutest ladies on the planet.  love you mom and grandma :) 

#10:  she is my biggest support.  everything i do, my mom is behind me 100%.  she pushed me through high school to be my best.  she pushed me in piano to excel.  she is still pushing me today.  she supports my decisions and loves me unconditionally.  no better mom could do that!  mom, i love you so much.  i hope your day is absolutely fantastic because you sure deserve it.  thanks for being the best mom and my best friend!  

my support system :)