17 & 18 OF 30

#17:  what is the thing you most wish you were good at?

accomplishing things that i want to do.  so much of the time i give up what i want most for what i want at the moment.  NOT a good trait.  i get so caught up in the moment that i don't stop and think about the consequences or how this will get in the way of my good goals.  man..  i'm really working on this one.

#18:  what is the most difficult thing you've ever had to forgive?

i don't really like this question, because it requires me to pinpoint someone or something that i have held a grudge against, and i don't want to admit that {even to myself, because i may still be trying to forgive them!}  but maybe one of the hardest things i've found in life is the ability to forgive myself.  i beat myself up on a daily basis for big and little things that i've done that i know are wrong.  it's so hard sometimes to forgive myself.  i think i'm not good enough and that's that.  forgiveness = near impossible.

buuttt.... I KNOW that is just stupid old Satan working his power on me.  he's such a jerk.  he knows just what to whisper to me to make me start doubting myself and remembering things that should be forgotten.

today, i will start to do both of these things:

a)  remember that what i want most exceeds what i want at the moment.

b)  remember that i can forgive myself and let go of the past.

"the future is as bright as your faith." --president thomas s. monson

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