forgot i had all these lovely photos!  dang.. enjoy these!  they are all keepers fo sho!

jewels.. you love me. tons. bahaha!

photo booth for iPhone! good thing the light makes me look like i have a very shiny forehead.

a very, very, very attractive picture of some special friends of mine.

once, we went grocery shopping... and realized that the groceries weren't really gonna fit in the car unless we put me in first and piled them around me.  this isn't even an accurate representation of how squished i was, surrounded by groceries.

a night on the town with john wayne of course!  my winter coat likes to make me look chub.

i must have been just sooo fed up with finals.  yeah.... we'll go with that.



and the awkward couple of the year award goes to... haley and riley!!  applause all around! {and the awkward photographer award goes to yours truly.. i can be seen in the mirror!}

a very typical dinner.

check out what i was lookin' at on campus during finals week.  bee-you-ti-ful.

hahaha melina crawled under the bed and got stuck! and we, being the good friends that we are, stood there and laughed and took pictures instead of helping her :)

'bye wyview.  you treated me real good.  i sure do miss ya.

uh.. yeah.  that's my sister.  and that's the frozen yogurt bar at the Store.  and she had to crawl IN there to get something that fell.  yum!

some post-school-and-finals shopping! 

ps.  most of these were taken on my piece of junkola phone.  so they're pretty bad quality.  it's fine.
yay for old and forgotten and hilarious pictures!


Lindsey said...

John Wayne!! I didn't even know you had a picture of that!

Julia said...

UM.....you are going to die soon. Watch your back lady- I have plenty of you! haha