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describe 5 legitamate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

uhh... yikes?

1.  pain.  i know, i know, what a silly, stupid thing to be afraid of.  and I'm not talking just like dying, burning in a fire, torturous kind of pain.  i'm talking like skinned knees and stubbed toes and slivers and blisters and ingrown toenails and broken bones and rug burn and cuts and bruises.  i HATE being in pain.  the thought of it terrifies me.  i can think of many times when i was younger, having my dad literally have to sit on me to get a sliver out of my foot.  i'd be screaming my head off like he was killing me.  (and after all these years, I wonder what our neighbors thought...)  naturally, because of this fear, I am NOT a daredevil.  at all.

2.  bees.  those stupid little fuzzy black and yellow buzzing creatures make me flip out.  i do not want to be stung by a bee.  i was once, when i was really little, and i hated it.  i guess it has to go along with me not liking pain.  a bee sting?  ouch.  not my thing.

3.  giving blood.  i think i was blessed so that i can't give blood.  we lived in england during the mad cow disease breakout (or whatever it was) so they'd prefer if I didn't.  which is a-ok with me!  it may be selfish.  i wholeheartedly admire those who will do it out of the kindness and goodness of their hearts.  i just can't do it.

(those are pathetic.  they are all pain related.  i'm such a baby.)

4.  being alone.  this is both the fear of being alone for too long, and also of being alone for my whole life.  i want to love and be loved.  i can't imagine a sadder life than living on your own, no connections to anyone, no friends.  i think i would rather die.

5.  having my siblings (or anyone i love, for that matter) fall away from the Church.  this gospel is such a beautiful, wonderful thing.  i have seen too many good people fall away and too many broken hearts.  it would be the hardest thing for me to handle, watching someone i love so much deny the happiness that i know they could have.  i know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that Heavenly Father lives and loves me.  i want everyone to know that!

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