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what are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

hmm... i don't think i'll put them in order.  because i'm not sure what the order is, exactly.  i'm not even sure if these are my 5 greatest, maybe i should call this "5 of my great accomplishments that come to mind right now."  so here they are, NOT in order:

numba one:  sterling scholar.  probably the most stressed i've ever been.  for one entire day.. wait, back up.  for months and months i put together my portfolio.  i think i redid it probably 15 times. at least.  and then on that day {the dreaded day}, i had to go to coalville to north summit high school and wait around for houuuuurrrssss before i could have my interview.  nailed the interview.  the actual announcement of who won english?  i thought i was gonna get up on stage and pee.  or throw up.  and guess what... i didn't even win.  i got runner up!  honestly, the stress and relief and hard work came crashing down.  i wasn't even disappointed that i didn't win.  i cried out of sheer happiness and relief.  sooo much work.  and i got to stand on stage and have my picture taken and the glory that i was one of the three for which the hard work paid off.  one of the best feelings i've ever had! :)

numba two:  huntsville half marathon.  ohh babaayy.. i loved loved loved this race.  it was the perfect weather: a leeetle bit breezy, a leeetle bit overcast, not too hot, but not too cold.  prime running weather, i tell ya.  and we ran past the prettiest landscape ever.  fields.  mountains.  horses running in the wind.  uhh.. does it get better than that?  i. think. NOT.  and i ran it in the fastest time i've ever run!  {i won't say exactly how much.. because i don't want to embarrass ya'll by my mad skills.. let's just say it was super duper speedy for me and i felt awesome.}  crossing that finish line.. another of the best feelings everrr.

numba three:  when i was a sophomore, i was speedy.  aaaand skinny.  {i need those days to come back to me!}  we went to a cross country meet down in cedar city where i ran the fastest 5K i have ever {and probably ever will!} run.  it was like 21.07.  not like record breaking time, but definitely record breaking for me.  i cried.  i was so happy.  and felt so accomplished :)

{and now that we're talking about running.. did i mention i'm running the hobble creek half in august?  wooooo!!}

numba four:  this might be a dumb one.  but i think all of my journals are pretty dang great accomplishments!  i have like 10 just from 9th grade to now.  recorded in them is my liiiife.  seriously, everything.  from the hurts to the joys to the lows and the highs.... and everything in between, every crazy adventure and whisper of the spirit, every school dance and star gazing night and what i am feeling about everything.  i feel accomplished for having so much written down about my life.  i sure hope my posterity enjoys reading about the dramas of my life.  i swear, you could make a movie about it all.  all the good ol' dramas of being 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19!  ha!

numba five:  overcoming {and continuing to overcome!} some personal trials that i won't bother writing here, but it is hugeee for me.  being able to use the Atonement in my life to become better each day is such an amazing blessing and i am so thankful to have a loving Savior that would die for me, and then be completely 100% willing to stick by me every step of the way.  hard days come, yeah... but i know i have lots of people to lean on.  the first being Jesus Christ.  it's been a hard road {and will continue to be so!}, but this life wasn't meant to be easy!  how grateful i am for the trials that continue to make me a better person!

and by the way, new fav song.  i mean, it's an old fav, but i sorta forgot about it, and rediscovered it recently.  and i really really really enjoy it.  a lot.  faster by matt nathanson.  you should probably listen to it.. ehh, like 50 times.  because it's super good.

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