sometimes, you have stupid moments.  and they're just really embarrassing.  and you wish you could take it back.... but you can't.  live, and let live.  here's the story:

morgan and i were kickin' it in heebs.  we sat on the bed and chatted -- our usual boy bashing, venting, giggling, shrieking kind of talking.  about 9:45, we decided it was time for dinner.  {our college time schedule emerging... uh oh.}  we got in the car and drove down to kneaders.  we pulled into the drive-thru behind another car and quickly decided what delicious sandwich we were going to have.  as soon as the other car pulled forward, we heard an automated voice coming out of the drive thru speaker: 

"i'm sorry.  our store is now closed.  i'm sorry.  our store is now closed.  i'm sorry.  our store is now closed." 

we immediately started yelling back at the speaker, not because we thought someone was listening, but just simply out of frustration: 


"Help me! I'm HUNGRY!"


"Those people JUST went through!!!!"

suddenly, another voice issued out of the speaker:  "alright, pull on through and i'll help you at the second window."


i'm sure our faces were pure TERROR.  hahaha!!  we looked at each other, jaws dopped, eyes wide, faces blushing red.  we started to pull forward, freaking OUT.  we thought that they'd turned the speaker off for the night, not that they were still listening to two stupid college girls, craving kneaders at 10:00!  mortifying.  that's what it was.  i did NOT want to pull up to the window and show my face.  but what could we do? 

sheepishly, we pulled up to the window.  i started on a long spiel of how we didn't think they could hear us and that we were so sorry and they didn't have to help us and we felt really bad and we didn't mean to be rude and on and on....

do you know what the guy said?  he smiled and said, "it's okay.  everyone in here heard you." 

ohhhh great!  perfect.  thank you, sir.  i'll just put a paper bag on my head and drive away now.  excuse me as i go DIE. 

well, whatever.  at least we got our food, right?



today i thought,

how fair is it that my hair dries like straw?  poofy, crazy straw i'd like to add.  others have thick, luscious locks that dry in perfect waves or straight and beautiful.

how fair is it that i have to watch my weight while others can eat whatever they want?  {ahem... julia, haley, whitney... }

how fair is it that i work 50+ hours a week while others are off having fun?

how fair is it that the majority of people my age have a car and i don't?

so i had a pity party for a little while.  a few stray tears, a lot of thinking, a lot of moping around.  you coulda nicknamed me debbie downer and it would have been very fitting.

BUT then i thought,

how fair is it that i have an awesome job?  scratch that.  2 awesome jobs!  seriously, i love my jobs and i love the people i work with.  not a lot of people can say that!

how fair is it that i have a loving family who is strong in the gospel and supports me in whatever i do?

how fair is it that i have amazing friends who back me up, make me laugh, listen to me cry, and are so much fun?

how fair is it that i have a strong body that allows me to run and exercise and hike and bike and do fun things?

not fair! not fair at all!  i'm so grateful for what i have! :)



going to the care center has been really fun!  those weekly trips with marianne are usually the highlight of my week.  i love feeling like i'm making a difference in someone's life.  and even if it isn't any of those people, i have made a difference in MY life and it has made me a more grateful person.

anyway, last week at the care center was .... interesting .... to say the least.  i have never been more speechless in my life!

i was visiting with an older man named keith about his wife.  i was just trying to make conversation and get to know him, so i said, "what was your favorite thing about her?"

he looked straight at me, and without batting an eye, said, "her breasts."

pretty sure my face went beet-red, and i said, "uh. what?"  like i hadn't heard him.  but duh.  i heard him.  loud and CLEAR!!  i fought down the urge to start giggling.

so, keith, unabashed, says even louder: "her breasts!"

um, okay buddy!  what the heck am i supposed to say to that?!  i was trying not to laugh sooo hard.  i cleared my throat like 5 times, and then said, "oh. yeah... those are important!"  and changed the subject FAST before i started laughing hysterically.  it was the funniest/most awkward moment in a long time.

gotta love those old folks! :)



i just thought i'd get the word out about my amazing aunt and uncle, matt and misti, who are trying to adopt again!  it always helps to get as many people as possible aware of them and their situation.  put their button on your blogs, so people that follow you can see them too!

check out their blog here: http://mattandmisti.blogspot.com/

they are some of my favorite people in the world and i want them to get another baby soon!  their son is so adorable and they are the best parents in the world.  i look up to them so much. 

spread the word!!


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from 30 things.

describe 3 significant memories from your childhood. {why does it make you do 2 posts about childhood memories??  i guess one is one is fond and one is significant.  here are the significant ones.}

#1:  when my dad was made the bishop, i was 9.  our previous bishop had been released and they hadn't called a new one yet.  i remember my friend aubree and i were on the bus talking about who we thought the new bishop would be.  that night, my parents called me into their bedroom and told me that my dad was going to be the bishop.  i remember feeling privileged that they would trust me with this information before the other kids.  that sunday when my dad was called, before he went up to the stand, he leaned over to me and said, "pray for me."  i could've burst with pride that my dad wanted me to pray for him.  it was a special experience for my little 9-year-old self to have, praying to my Father in Heaven for my earthly father.  i will never forget that.  

#2:  every year on the first day of school, my mom would make a big deal about it.  she would make us stand in front of the door and take our picture, wearing our new school clothes and sporting a new backpack, our hair perfect and our smiles huge.  school was fun!  i remember feeling super cool as i hopped on my bike to ride the few blocks down to JR Smith Elementary.  i loved school.

#3:  field day was always the best day of the year.  the weather was warm, school was almost out, and what better way to spend the day than playing outside, competing against your classmates, and buying treats from the PTA table?!  the highlight of the day, though, was the very beginning:  the race around the entire field.  in the back of our school there was a gigantic field and every year field day started off with a race around the entire thing.  i was never super fast, but one year {i don't remember which!} i was determined to do well.  i raced my guts out and got 3rd place in the entire ___ grade!  i was so proud of myself.  i knew then that i could do anything i put my mind to.  what a great lesson for a kid to learn.



1 // i have missed these jam out sessions with my bff whit twit
2 // my t-shirt quilt!
3 // bowling with tanner and jewels
4 // kickin' it with berglene
5 // girls' night out in the canyon -- we made that fire OURSELVES! be proud!
6 // so i'm a speed scrabble champ
7 // lovin summer flowers
8 // hiking bridal veil with whitney
9 // love writing missionaries!
10 // getting together with cind, berg, and mare? yes, please!



to lose yourself in service is a wonderful and beautiful thing.  i think, however, that the value of serving others has been lost in today's society.  selfishness has taken the place of looking out for thy neighbor and pride has gotten in the way of being helpful.

my sister is in mexico on a humanitarian trip right now.  she has spent the past 3 days will spend the next 2 building houses for people down there.  although it is so hard, she has written back saying that the work is amazing and she is so glad she is there.  i am so proud of her!

last night marianne and i went to the care center, just because.  we took cookies and nail polish and chatted with the ladies there for awhile.  we heard maxine's stories and painted grace's nails and offered everyone a cookie and told them we'd be back next week.  it was nice.  i'm not even sure how to describe it.   taking the time to think about someone besides myself was enlightening and refreshing.  the realization that i need to look out for others hit me last night. 

i remember a talk that my dad gave once.  for some reason, his words have stuck with me for all these years.  he said that through our trials, we need to do three things:

1.  reach within ourselves.
2.  reach out in service.
3.  reach up to God.

i have tried this summer to reach within myself and further discover who i am.  i have made goals and am working to achieve them.  i have prayed fervently to the Lord to keep me in mind and help me in what i need.  but i have been missing service. 

but not anymore.  weekly visits to the care center are now on my summer bucket list.



riley is leaving.. on a jet plane.. to be back again in 2 years!

sierra leone, west africa.  {not sure where that is? it's cool.  neither did i.}

i know this kid will be a fantastic missionary!  i'm grateful for his friendship this past year.  when i look back fondly on my memories of being a freshman at BYU, riley will always be there, hanging out, talking, laughing, giving advice, fixing our car problems {and boy problems} and good to have around.

good luck riles!  may the Lord bless you on your next 2 years and may you grow in ways you didn't know you could.  love you bud! :)



today melina sent me a recording of us sometime last year talking about poop.  weird, i know.  but also very reminiscent of my freshman year.  ahh.  i miss it!

i miss those times, just sitting on the couch, talking about whatever.

i miss late night ice cream runs and wal mart shopping trips.

i miss homework parties and days spent at the library.

i miss making lunch and dinner and treats together.

i miss staying up late just because and movies always on my laptop.

i miss spying on people and doing stupid random funny pranks.

i miss our inside jokes and our GNOs (plus riley haha).

i miss dumping cold water on each other in the shower.

i miss running to julia's to tell her and jess some big story!

i miss reading our missionary letters out loud to each other and going on runs.

i miss church together and naps together.

i am sooo excited for august when i get to move back down to provo and have all my best friends back!  <3



doesn't it seem silly that we have so many worries here on earth?  when we look at the big picture, it should be an easy decision: right from wrong.  we know that Jesus Christ suffered for us and will be there for us every step of the way.  we know that our Father in Heaven is there and that He loves us and wants the best for us.  we know that this earth is not our home, but a stop along the way to perfection and eternity. 

and so.. why must doubt always creep in?  why must we sometimes make wrong decisions if they only bring us pain and sorrow and disappointment?  why do we have to feel lonely and not good enough and heartbroken? 

first of all, because Satan is real.  as surely as i know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real and love me, i know that the devil is real and that he loathes me and wants to make me miserable.  he and his followers are ever-ready to bring us down to "endless misery and woe" {alma 9:11}.  endless.  it's important to remember that they are there.  we have to stand against them. 

second of all, because this life is preparing us for perfection.  we cannot become like our Father in Heaven if we are not tried and tested.  i have to remember this during the hard times.  i know that He loves me, and so i trust Him wholeheartedly.  He has a plan for me -- bigger and better than i can imagine -- and i will put my faith in Him and do what He asks of me.

in one of my favorite songs, "Gethsemane", it says of Jesus Christ:

He felt all that was sad,
Wicked, or bad
All the pain we would ever know.

i am so thankful for the Atonement in my life!  what an enormous blessing to be able to call upon the Lord at any time.  He is the only one who knows exactly how i feel at all times.  my heart is full today because of my Savior and the love He has for me.


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if you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?


i love it here.  i love everything about it.  i love the small town feeling.  i love the sheer beauty of the gorgeous valley.  i love driving down from parley's canyon by jordanelle and seeing the valley spread out below you -- a picture-perfect view of fields, trees, houses, fields, trees, and fields and trees.  ahhhh.  does it get better than that?  i love the people that live here.  i love that we're 30 minutes from provo, 15 minutes from park city, and 45 minutes from salt lake.  we're far enough away to be "small town" but close enough so that we don't feel like we live in the boonies.  i love the lake.  i love the mountains.  i love my valley.  :)



  • my job.  i love love love it!
  • the lady at domino's that now knows my name over the phone when i call in my office's lunch order.  me:  "that would be three mediums, sausage and jalapeno, hawaiian and jalapeno, and sausage and pepperoni."
    domino's lady:  "pick up?"
    me:  "yes."
    domino's lady:  "shaylee, right?"
    me:  hahahaahahaha whhaaaat? "uh.. yeah."
    i guess we order pizza too often in my office.  we all got a good kick outta that one today.
  • the sun.... mmmmmmm :)
  • new summer sun dresses
  • the fact that today is saturday and the start to my weekend!
  • reese's peanut butter cups.. yeah. life doesn't get much better than that DELICIOUS CANDY
  • family coming into town!
  • gooooood music
  • two hour skype sesh with my best friend! check it: 

yeah... happy weekend to me!!
and to you, too!


so... julia decided to be cool and put a bazillion embarrassing pictures of me on her blog.  luckily, her blog is private so most of you can't see those pictures of me.  but i decided that this means WAR.  and so, blog wars is ON!

exhibit a:
this is what happens when you ask your best friend to "hold your phone" while you go to the bathroom at our sterling scholar competition.  i have like 50 of these gems. 

 exhibit b:
my best friend, asian style. 

 exhibit c:
i'll be the first to admit this isn't a great picture of me either.  but jewels?  i'd say it isn't your best look... ;)

 exhibit d:
well... i think she smelled something gross...

 exhibit e:
don't mess with this chick.

 exhibit f:
also don't get in the way of jewels and her ice cream!

 exhibit g:
uh.. all i can say is... wow.

 exhibit h:
yeah, she likes oreos. so what?

 exhibit i:
hahahahaha i love this picture! julia you look like an old grandpa! 

{okay, so you had a bunch more of me.  but still... hehe admit that i got you back!}