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describe your relationship with your parents.

hmm.. where to even start? 

my mom is my best friend, my confidante, my own personal chef, my laundress, my running partner, my nutritionist, my teacher, my parent.  she is an amazing person.  it seems like our relationship really started to grow when we started running together.  she showed (and continues to show!) the best example of how to keep your body healthy.  i love talking to my mom, whether it be across the bar in the kitchen, or lounging on her bed, or on the phone, or via text.  she always encourages me and loves me no matter what i've done.  i'll venture to say that we're both pretty stubborn, and the arguments we get into are stupid and petty. one of my favorite things about her lately is her compassion.  with all the tears and heartaches and struggles i've had, she is right there with me, crying with me or talking me through a problem.  i love that about her.  i was always one of those girls that said, "i'm so different than my mom" but as i grow, i see more and more of my mother in myself.  and i love it.  :)

my dad is my hero, my exemplar, my protector, my financial advisor, my school counselor, my P-90X partner, my encourager.  i loved going away to school and knowing that my dad was always a phone call away to help me with any problem i needed solved, whether it be school, or money, or friends, or roommates, or boys, or work, or whatever.  he's a pretty big goofball, and one of my favorite things about my dad is that we can tease each other.  i love making my dad laugh. :)  he is so thoughtful, always asking how i'm doing or what went on in my day.  his spirituality is amazing.  he leads our family in righteousness and i am so grateful for the example he has set for me and my siblings to follow.  someday i hope to marry someone a lot like my papa!

some people are closer to one parent than the other, but not me.  i've been fortunate enough to have two amazing people there to support, love, teach, and encourage me.  i love my parents!


kara said...

Your parents are pretty great. So glad you're doing this 30 thing! I'm stuck on number 9. Maybe you doing this will inspire me to get out of my rut.

Michelle said...

So glad you are doing this!! How fun! 9 is the hardest one, definitly the hardest, good luck. :)