check it out.  thoughts?



i fulfilled a lifelong dream last night.  i got to see jon schmidt in concert.  how do i feel?


it was so amazing! my family, haley and i were smiling and laughing and clapping and cheering and dancing the ENTIRE time.  it was so much fun!  the things i love about the piano guys:

  • their music is AMAZING. nothing short of absolutely amazing. 
  • they're hilarious!  jon schmidt and steven sharp nelson were crackin' jokes last night and making us laugh so hard. 
  • their music is uplifting.  they said last night, "we try to make music that grandparents, parents, and children can all enjoy together."  their goal = met.  
GOSH. i love them so much!! here are some of my favorite videos of theirs: 

WATCH ALL OF THEM.  {those are like 1/3 of the ones that i love}
and this is how haley and i feel about the piano guys: 

do you get it?  i LOVE them. 
okay. i'll stop now.



julia and i went to the library lookin' like twins!  what are best friends for, right?

oh man. love love love these girls.

mmm. stacheeeeee. 

yes. the boys planned revenge!  SO GREAT.  notice their disco ball!  hahaha they ran in our apartment, turned off all the lights, and jammed out to party rock with that disco ball on an extension cord.  best. thing. EVER.  we're planning a lot more back at them! ;)

what a hot hairstyle.

pizza dip and chips. i CRAVE THIS. melina is the best cook ever!! (that's why she's never in our eating pictures.... she makes the food, we devour it. right mina may? ;) ) 



today i thought a lot about love.

there are so many different kinds.  i felt the love of my roommates and best friends as we walked to the marriott center together and sat all together -- almost 20 of us, all joined in love and the gospel.  i saw the love between husband and wife, between the speakers and the congregation, between friends, between old missionary companions, between fiances.  i felt the love from our Heavenly Father so abundantly as we stood and sang the hymns, as i heard the inspired talks, as we said prayers.  i felt love when julia came in and laid on my bed for an hour and we just talked.  i felt love when i got a text from my sister, and then my cousin, and then my dad, and then my mom.  i felt love when i talked to both my parents on the phone.  i felt love when jess made peanut butter bars and i got to eat one.  i felt love between friends when we went over to apartment 82 and played catch phrase like we do every sunday.

sometimes i think that if i felt any more love, my heart would explode.  but it just keeps growing and adapting to love more and more people.

i heard once that everyone we meet, we fall in love with and a part of them stays with us forever.  i feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people who have made such a big impact on my life.

and i'm so grateful for love.  every kind.



last night, our favorite apartment of boys refused to have a dance party with us.  at 10:30 pm, they went back to their apartment, saying, "we've got to get our homework done."

fine.  don't want to have a dance party with us?

we'll bring the dance party to you.

ashley, melina, shea, jewels, me, haley, jess, aubs

we ran down the hall like secret agents, aub bringing up the rear with the computer blasting "sandstorm" by darude.  we ran into their apartment, bubble gun flashing its lights and blowing bubbles everywhere, music blasting, crazy girls dancing.  

what was their response? 

"what the?!"  "julia looks like a guy."  "who is that??"  one of them started dancing on the couch.  one of them got his phone out and filmed us.  

we gave them a good 30 second dance party and then ran back out again, down the stairs and down the hall back to apartments 54 & 55, shrieking with laughter and totally hyper.  

dance party ambush?  SUCCESS.

ps. check out amberly's pantsuit.  we got that thing at the DI.  isn't it great?!!



the 4 of us were hungry one night, and so what did we do?  make a big pot of broccoli.  one plate of broccoli + 4 forks + 4 hungry girls = a good night of chats, laughs, and deliciousness.

it made me think of a few nights before this one:  melina made bruschetta and sopapilla cheesecake.  we sat down to dinner -- together -- and i was so happy i could have cried.  honestly.  there's something about sitting down to a good, homemade meal with some of the people that i love the most in this world.

did you know that studies show that people that eat together {families, roommates} get along better?  i believe that 100%.  and i'm so glad that i have such great dinner pals -- my family AND my roommates!  melina, morgan, and haley are perfect substitutes for the family that i've eaten with my whole life.  i often think about how lucky i was to find such amazing friends.

here's to many more nights of sitting around a giant plate of broccoli.



  • game night like... every night
  • big living room / kitchen!
  • sharing a room with haley
  • living with wina, morg, and hay 
  • laughing so hard it hurts
  • no cold water dumped on me in the shower! (yet) 
  • class starting at 10 am.  that was smart of me
  • walking into jewels' apartment without knocking
  • grocery shopping at every grocery store in provo (rancho market, wal mart, macey's, buy low, walgreens)
  • quesadillas with avocado 
  • glenhood being so social! 
  • guitar lessons in exchange for piano lessons
  • becoming better friends with brey and jess
  • "hey guys.. wanna socialize?" 
  • 10 minute walk to campus vs. 25 minute walk to campus
  • peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every day
  • jewels coming to wake me up to tell me something important before school 
  • the fall colors
  • being outside. i LOVE fall and LOVE the sun
  • singing at the care center. those people melt my heart
  • my family calling to say "come home!" gosh i love them. 
  • late night chats 
  • good movies 
  • spending the evening in the library. it's actually a really great feeling! 

how long have i been here?  3 weeks exactly.  what a great list for such a short time!  lovin life! :) 



tonight i was sitting in the library, doing my marriage and family homework before class tomorrow.  i was reading all of these great quotes by prophets and apostles and basically on a spiritual high.  then i read these words:

"thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."  (psalms 119:105)

so then i went to you tube and searched that scripture, and this song popped up.  i've heard it sung before, and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.  this time was not an exception.

i was just hit so hard that this gospel is true.  the Lord is there for us.  He is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  He is showing me the way to go and i am so grateful for that.  even though i sometimes feel lost, i know that is not the case.

"when i feel afraid, and think i've lost my way, still you're there right beside me.  nothing will i fear, as long as you are near.  please be near me to the end." 

and this is yet another reason byu is so amazing.  feeling the spirit while i do my homework.  i love this university so much!