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describe 5 weaknesses you have.

1.  procrastination.  i'm a procrastinator.  like, a really, reaalllyyy big procrastinator.  i always think, "oh, i have more time!"  more time to do homework, more time to study for tests, more time to sleep, more time to get ready, more time to cook, more time to read the scriptures, more time to do my visiting teaching, more time to do this and that.  it's a really bad quality and i need to get over it.

2.  judgmental.  it seems like there's a very thin line between being judgmental and knowing right from wrong.  i don't think i understood the difference when i was growing up.  if i was taught that smoking or having premarital sex or having a tattoo was bad, then the person automatically was, too.  luckily, i have gotten past this aspect of judging others.  i now need to focus on loving everyone, and not putting myself above others.  i love what our stake president said at girls' camp one year:  "EVERYONE you meet is better at something than you are."  so true!  i need to work on this.

3.  jealousy.  this is seriously a problem!  i wish it wasn't.  i get so jealous of people that have something that i want.  whether it be a boy, a nice car, a big house, good grades, a large wardrobe, talents i don't have... the list goes on.  i let the little jealousy fester and pretty soon, it's full-blown envy.  NOT GOOD.  at all. 

4.  acting without thinking.  i have done this since i was little and it bugs me that i can't get over it.  one of my earliest memories of this is in elementary school.  i had a good relationship with a teacher, and we teased each other back and forth.  one day he called on me and i, not knowing the answer, said, "don't call on me right now, dummy!"  i meant it jokingly, but i realized too late that it was NOT okay to call your teacher a dummy.  the consequence was stares and whispers from my classmates and a reprimand from this teacher.  super duper embarrassing.  for years, i have been saying and doing things that, afterward, i am kicking myself for.  doing things without thinking about the consequence is something i know i really need to work on.

5.  sugar.  i'm not kidding, i have a weakness for sugar.  chocolate especially.  that's not okay.. in fact, it's pretty dang horrible that i cave every time someone whips out dessert.  that's why this summer is skinny summer.  stay strong shay!

as much as i hate recognizing and writing about my weaknesses... maybe this is what i need, a kick in the butt to try and overcome them!

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