laundry is such a pain.

underwear and socks have to be washed every time. really? ugh! and also... you wear something a few times, it gets stretched out, and it doesn't fit right. then you get all that saggy-bum-jeans goin' on, and the stretched out sleeves of your favorite sweaters. so what do you have to do? wash it. and then you have to sort all of it, lug it clear across wyview to the laundromat, sort it into different washers, and after all that -- you have to pay MONEY to do it!

i hate laundry.
it's necessary.



"this life is what you make it. no matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. but the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. girls will be your friends -- they'll act like it anyway. but just remember, some come, some go. the ones that stay with you through everything -- they're your true best friends. don't let go of them. also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. keep trying, hold on, and always, always believe in yourself -- because if you don't, who will, sweetie? so keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling. . .

. . . because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about."

-- marilyn monroe



after a sad weekend, i'm ready to start this week off with a positive attitude.

sometimes, when something sad happens (such as my dog dying), i get so bombarded by all the sad/bad things that are happening to me and feel like i will never be happy again. how ridiculous is that?! i am soo blessed.

these things make me happy today.

goofy sister whom i love dearly.

mac and cheese... mmmmm.

completely self explanatory.

jewels. my best friend.

new favorite song.. such a good one!

family. i love them so much.
mom, whit, park, me, jare, dad
(even though my dad looks mentally handicapped in this picture)
haha. love you dad.



how many times did i complain about "that dumb dog"? how many times did i yell that he was being too loud, or that he was too stinky, or really annoying when he followed me around, or that his barking just had to stop?

and yet. . . i loved when he jumped up on my bed and cuddled next to me. i loved when he came trotting out from underneath a bed whenever someone called "bandit?" i loved when he laid down at my feet when i was watching a movie, or reading, or eating, or sewing, or doing homework. i loved when he would chase me around the yard, barking and wagging his tail and then plopping down in the grass like the happiest little dog alive. i loved when he jumped up on his hind legs and "clapped" when he wanted a treat. i loved how he was always there to keep me company. i loved when i picked him up and he rested his little head on my shoulder.

i loved our little dog. he's gone now, but i think he's in a better place. great-grandpa wilcox is taking care of him. we'll miss you bandit. we love you.
this isn't the best picture of him, but the only one i had.


... yes. yes it was.

oh, revenge.

i wonder if this will start a battle of embarrassing pictures being posted to facebook. i'd better remember to lock the door to the bathroom, and keep embarrassing deeds at home to a minimum. at least until dana forgets about this picture.

but hey. i had to.


revenge will be sweet!

i thought i was being a nice roommate. the floor gets dirty, i like to wipe it up. everybody likes a clean house, right?


apparently, dana thinks it's funny to take great snapshots of me while i'm performing these kinds of chores. and what does she do? posts it on facebook, with me not knowing of course, and laughs as lots of people like the picture and comment on it.

well, dana dear, i just have one thing to say: revenge is coming your way. so watch out.

blog makeover... again

i know, i know. i keep changing my mind on what i want my blog to look like.

i rather like this design. how about you?

i think we'll leave it for a while.


a random assortment of thoughts

  • my hair is getting long again. finally!
  • i carry around smartwater with me wherever i go
  • temple trips are lovely
  • i don't detest cooking. but i still don't like it
  • homework parties get me through the day
  • comfy clothes are my favorite. i hate high heels
  • i don't really do my hair anymore. natural is the way to go
  • homework takes forever in college
  • my new goals: don't be selfish. don't be judgmental. i'm working on them.
  • i really need to repaint my toenails
  • facebook is soooo dumb. but i'm addicted. shoot.
  • people. high school drama is ridiculous. just let it go!
  • if i went to bed right now, it would be insanely early for me. it's midnight.
  • i really like cottage cheese... don't judge.
  • reading my scriptures = homework now. what the heck?
  • that's okay. i like reading my scriptures.
  • blogging is addictive :)


byu vs. utah! ... a huge bummer

i was SOOOOO excited to go to my first byu football game as a byu student. definitely not my first byu game; i've grown up a byu fan! however, for some of my roommates, it was their first. i came home on saturday to melina and dana gathered around a you tube video -- "the byu fight song." they were trying to sing it and not having too much luck. so, i tried to teach them. we sure had fun, and it pumped us up for the game!

i went to the game with julia and james, and we sat by ally, tessa, aubrey, and jessica. we passed so many fans for both byu and utah. there was so much energy! it was crazy. i was stoked!

julia and i

needless to say..... the game was a huge disappointment. HUGE. but we still had fun. life as a cougar! :)

me, tessa, ally


college = NO sleep

yes, i know. it's 1:45 am. and i'm still awake. and i'm blogging!

what am i doing awake so late, you might ask?

well, (mom and dad, ignore this please and thank you) my new bedtime is currently 2 am. i can't seem to go to bed any earlier than this. homework = done long ago. housework = done long ago. scripture reading and journal writing = done long ago.

talking time with the roomies? = can't get enough! :)

melina, me, dana, haley



today i felt very accomplished! i had no school and no work today -- a huge relief. it was a much needed break. however, i didn't want to sit around all day and do nothing. then i knew i would feel like a slob. so i decided to get busy!

i woke up and rode the bus to campus early with haley. we met up with dana, morgan, elyse, and ally and all went to the devotional together. neil l anderson spoke about honesty. i feel so extremely blessed to be here at byu and have the opportunity to hear apostles speak to us all the time. it's awesome!

i came home and the house was a mess. when we have "parties" at night, we usually just crash and the mess doesn't really get cleaned up. i spent the entire morning doing dishes, scrubbing counters and floors, cleaning the bathroom, picking up the clutter, and organizing. cleaning is a bit therapeutic for me. it felt really good.

i then proceeded to make myself lunch. i have never been a cook and probably never will be, but something got into me today. i put two pieces of bread in the toaster oven with ham and provolone cheese just long enough that the bread was toasted and the cheese melted. then i took it out, sliced some tomato, and voila! lunch. it was fabulous.

i fit in a few hours of work today, too. i am so grateful to have my job as a research assistant and a TA. it works out absolutely perfectly for me.

cooking came next. i made peanut butter bars (recipe from our best bites) and was SO proud of myself. i never cook like that! they turned out amazing, too. what a pleasant surprise. dessert = check! i decided that for dinner i would make chicken, potatoes, and broccoli. mmmm.

just look at that delicious dinner! i fed dana, morgan, haley, melina, julia, elyse, and myself. it was awesome!!

do i feel accomplished today? why, yes, thank you for asking.


sabbath day

my sabbath day has so far consisted of:
  • awakened by a pounding on the door at 9 am (thank you, melina)
  • monkey bread and scrambled eggs (again, thank you melina!)
  • interview with a member of the bishopric -- you are now looking at the provo ysa 129th ward visiting teaching supervisor!
  • hall meeting about cleaning checks (who knew they were so strict?)
  • discovering that we left one of the stove burners on all night (carbon monoxide poisoning?! almost! yikes! i guess we'd really better be more careful...)
  • facetime with the family (i love them)
  • deciding on tonight's dinner: mac and cheese
  • phone call with my grandparents (today is grandpa wilcox's birthday)
  • listening to my piano be played and feeling the spirit
  • smiling
  • laughing
  • praying
Wow. Today has been great. And it's not even over yet! I am so blessed :)


this... this is bliss :)

tonight i am... happy.

that's the word that comes to mind. i love my classes. is that weird? i never thought i would actually say that i love school. but i do! granted, i probably won't once finals come around. but these first two weeks have been absolutely incredible. i've learned things i had no idea about! i've met people that have blessed my life in so many ways. i've grown as a person. i've become more independent. i've realized who the important people in my life are -- my family. i've discovered that i can be anyone i want to be. i'm not labeled as the same person i always was in high school. and that is okay!

for all you people out there who are having a bad day, remember that the sun is behind the clouds. remember that tomorrow will be better! i wake up every day, excited to be alive. i feel content with who i am and where i'm headed. and i haven't always felt that way. lately, i feel ecstatic about life. :)

don't worry, that wasn't a soap box speech or a shout out to those who may be in depression... that post was mainly for me to spill my guts and say that i'm extremely happy to be alive.

livin. laughin. lovin. yes.



my roommates and i have been obsessed with wanting to do "shenanigans" every night now for the past week. we always want to do something crazy but can't figure out what! well, tonight we did. we made chocolate chip cookies and put them on a bunch of different plates, each with a sticky note that read, "bring plate back to room #300."

then, we decided to take them to random boys' apartments. now, keep in mind that it was about 11:30 pm at this point. we didn't want to take them in our regular clothes, so we dressed up. haley, melina, and dana wore hoodies. i wore a face mask.

then we took the cookies around. we had quite the adventure, sprinting away from the door as fast as we could and trying not to get caught, diving facedown onto the grass when a car would drive by, laughing so hard we thought we would pee our pants... ah, it was so much fun! i love my new friends and the adventures we have!


tonight, tonight

college is really weird.

you move in with a bunch of people you've never met. suddenly, you have to share a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, your food, your schedule, your privacy, and your secrets.

and suddenly.... you have new best friends.

tonight i got home after a long day of work, homework, and more work. i was exhausted!! i walked in the door and what did i see? the kitchen table set for three. dana made dinner! i couldn't believe how grateful i was. we had the best dinner ever. bbq chicken, rice, salad, and a mystery drink (probably a bunch of stuff from the fridge thrown together -- but it was delicious!). yum yum yum. thank you dana. love you :) we ate like a little family. i feel very blessed to have the roommates i do. dana, morgan, melina, haley, and allie -- loves. and of course, julia, my best friend/sister. she came and ate our food too. haha. after dinner, we partied as usual, and had the girls next door bang on the wall because our music was too loud. then we went to the roll up restaurant in provo where they serve crepes of all kinds! my new favorite spot.

i love this new life i'm leading.

it's blog time!

yes, now i too have been converted over to blogging. seems like the "in" thing to do -- go to college, get a blog. i do love to write, so i think i'll enjoy blogging about my days, boring or exciting. we'll see how this turns out!