• moms that text/snapchat you back.  alllllll day long.  {i mean you'd think she'd get annoyed. nope.  she's always there with a comment for my texts that are mostly just my continuous train of thought for the day.}
  • friends.  like, best friends.  ones you can be completely and totally 100% yourself with.  ones that celebrate your birthday for 3 days straight and shower you with love and gifts.  ones that you'll never get sick of seeing and being with, because every moment is fun with them, even the moments when you're sprawled in comfortable silence in the living room saying absolutely nothing.  
  • days when you feel pretty.  we all have days when we don't but let's be real...  there's that one day in a million when you wake up and everything seems to go right.  you look in the mirror and you think "hey, she's not half bad" and wink and go about your day, feeing confident.
  • tests with good scores.
  • cloudy skies -- but not too cold outside.  prime.
  • closing your eyes and taking a trip through hong kong's crowded streets in your mind {and you know every detail -- smell, turn, sounds, the works} 
  • aaaaand... these things...
11-year-old wedding dates
missionary sisters!! and asian shrines
{i seriously miss seeing these everywhere}
exhausted stake presidents/dads
a bride and 3 bridesmaids
aka best friends
visits from mission friends
birthday cakes and home

happy love month, everyone <3