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list 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could.

1.  get better grades.  they really do matter!  when senioritis kicks in senior year, fight through it and try to get straight A's.  it'll make life so much easier!

2.  don't fight with your parents so much.  listen to them -- they KNOW what they're talking about! 

3.  in just a year, you'll be loving the piano with all of your heart.  right now, keep on practicing.  practice more!  the piano is such a wonderful thing.  don't give your mom so much grief for wanting you to improve your talents.

4.  forgive more quickly.

5.  get a little more serious about cross country.  your senior year, you're not going to make state if you don't give it your all NOW.

6.  spend some more time at home.  your friends are wonderful, but your family is too and they want you to be home.  don't get so frustrated with your younger siblings.  they look up to you. 

7.  practice being patient.  this is a skill you'll need later in life.  patience with your friends, your parents, your sister when she wears your clothes or uses your makeup, your brothers when they are buggin' you, patience patience PATIENCE.

8.  don't spend your money like it's burning a hole in your pocket.  you don't realize how much everything costs.  you're gonna neeeeeeed money down the road.

9.  i know you love the advice "follow your heart" but you are a very, very passionate person.  you should probably follow your head a little bit more than your heart. 

10.  get a little more serious about the scriptures.  they truly are lifesavers.  they'll help you through some of the toughest times ahead.  make them a habit!

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Michelle said...

You have learned a lot in three short years. I admire you for it and wish I had learned what you know now earlier in life!