i love my friends :)

yesterday, i got a letter from a missionary (who is coming home in just 73 days... but who's counting?) and what did i do?  text my friends, of course! these are their responses:

melina:  "SHUT UP!!! you'll have to tell me what it says!!!!" then, later, when i didn't respond right away: "DUDEEE!!! What did the letter say??? You never texted me!!!"

haley:  "Oh my gosh yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  CALL ME TONIGHT PLEEEASSSSEEEEE!!!" and then when i didn't respond right away:  "I'M SO EXCITED YOU HAVE A LETTER!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! :DDDDDD"

morgan:  "I'M SOOOO HAPPY!! it better be a gosh dang good letter, it's been forever! :) i'm expecting a phone call after!!"

julia:  "Oh my gosh!!!! the last letter before he comes home!!"

uh, okay... what kind of friends are more excited than you when you get a letter from a missionary?!  seriously.  i have the best friends in the world.  i love that they get excited with me!

missing you girls all sooooo much!! thanks for everything.. having my back through it all, caring about what i care about, hatin' on who i hate (hehe), and for every late night talk, drive, dance party, and junk food binge in between.  i love you guys! xoxo


Melina May said...

Aww this makes me sooo happy!! Love it! And love you!!

Morgan Alexandra said...

Oh I love you too Shay!.....but seriously. THAT picture??? Hahaha!! Sorry I ruined that pretty pic..

Shaylee Wilcox said...

Hahahahaha you didn't ruin it.. It's awful of all of us! Whitney said, "Wow. Could you have picked an uglier pic? Melina has creepy eyes. Haley looks like a man. Your face looks really wide. Julia looks good... and Morgan? Hahaa." Sooo... we all look ugly. :)