so long, provo.  i'm all moved home for the summer... back to good ol' heber, where
  • the air smells like cows and skunks
  • and you can actually see the stars at night
  • and you can't step out of the house without seeing a billion people you know
  • and the memories are around every corner. 

i'll miss provo, and my teeny apartment that quickly became my home
  • and my bunk bed, with someone sleeping above me
  • and the laundromat, where i have to haul my laundry each week that smelled like laundry detergent
  • and my new friends that have taught me so much
  • and my best friend, jewels the cool... gosh i miss her
  • and BYU campus, where everyone is so friendly and yet you hardly ever see people you know
  • and the library, with big chairs and tables and so many people bent over computers
  • and my ward, with so many friendly faces there each week 
  • and the city lights at night
  • and so many things to do
  • heck, i'll even miss the 20 minute walk to campus! 

but i'm back in heber, and ya know what?  i'm happy to be here! i'm starting my job at red ledges tomorrow, and although i'm super nervous, i'm excited for the new opportunity.  this is my home.  i love heber.  i've realized since being back how much i love the "country."  it's so pretty.  and i'll complain from time to time about seeing people i know EVERYTIME i go out of the house, but in reality... i love it.  i love this place.  home sweet home!



my freshman year at BYU has come to a close.

and that is a weird thought.

i always pictured my first year so much differently.  i didn't picture myself having the time of my life with my roommates who quickly became my best friends.  i didn't picture myself struggling so much with school... yeah, it's pretty hard.  i didn't see my testimony growing as much as it did or see myself changing so much.   but i did, and it's done, and i am home for the summer now, excited to make new goals and become an even better person.

here's a recap of everything that's gone on this year...

in august, we had our first outing together! we went to california pizza kitchen.

i feel like we've all changed a lot, looks-wise.  well, maybe not a lot, but a little bit at least.  especially morgan. she looks so young!

girls' nights in were always the best.  secrets were shared, nails were painted, boys were bashed, and junk food was devoured! :) 

late night study sesh.  of course.

this was about 2 in the morning... walking across wyview... looking a little homeless.

i'm not really sure why we put green shirts on our heads, but this was a good time nonetheless.

photo booth became one of our best friends.

football season was so much fun!

we danced in the rain, 

went to the mall (many times), 

tried the sinful 7 cake at zupa's (which you should not eat by yourself, it's dangerous), 

made countless trips to wal-mart for groceries, 

and took more pictures on photo booth.

we did a lot of movie watching with lots of blankets, 

took a road trip to st. george, 

and napped.  all the time! 

we nerdy danced one night away.

and in addition to girls' nights in, had many girls' nights out!

we exercised... 

... and ate a lot of junk.

i definitely didn't want to spend money on a haircut, so my roommate cut it in the kitchen!

we were way too excited to see the hunger games.

we went to midnight movie premieres, 

went on some fun dates,

and said goodbye to this kid as he left on his mission!

we eavesdropped on conversations,

doorbell ditched cookies, 

and played a lot of pranks! (in this picture, melina fell asleep, and haley piled a bunch of stuff on top of her. she didn't even wake up.)

we went to the temple many times,

went to lots of dance parties (this one was vegas themed),

and rocked out in the car! :) 

we hiked the Y on our last night in provo, 

and then moved our mattresses to the living room and had a sleepover. 

i love this girl, jewels, my bff 

and these lovely ladies: morgan, melina, and haley, roommates and instant best friends. 

my freshman year was nothing short of amazing.  i'm thankful to have come so far in my life and thankful to those who have helped me get here!  looking forward to many more good times to come!



it's that wonderful time again!  FINALS.

i am determined to do better than last semester.  and so, i have made a promise to myself not to get on pinterest, my blog, or any other time wasters for the next two weeks.

here i go!

ps.  when i return to the blogosphere, look forward to reading about about my Easter, and me getting a summer job! woo hoo!



typical friday night fun on photo booth.  i love me some morgie, shay, and jewels time!





this morning i had to take my dad to the airport.  (to make a long story short, my usual taxi service, aka papa trav, is going out of town and i needed a car.  hence me taking him to the airport so that i could use his car for a few days.)

3:30 am wake up, people.  3:30.  want me to say it again?  3:30 am.

it was hard.

but as i dropped him off at the curb and proceeded to drive myself back to my apartment in provo, i had a lot of time to think and reflect.  here is a sum-up of those thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain in the wee hours of the morning.

my life is oh-so-good.  and it's only going to get better.  you know why?  because i have decided to make it so.  i have been blessed so much.  i have a fantastic family that supports me and helps me in everything i do.  i have a healthy body.  i have wonderful friends.  i am attending an amazing university with so much ahead of me.  my future is bright.  my faith is bright.

of course, there are those moments in life when i think ugh.  not another test.  not another cloudy sky.  not another bad hair day.  not another chipped nail.  not another trip to the dentist.  (i have to go today, blah.)  not another stress-filled-week.

but these quiet hours of the morning have reminded me that i can do whatever i set my mind to do.  and as i drove down i-15, i was extremely grateful to my Father in Heaven for another day on earth, another day to do my best, another day to try.  if i fail, i can get on my knees and repent and do better tomorrow.  as long as i keep trying, everything is going to be okay.

i've never been a morning person, but maybe i should be.  mornings are nice.



my conference weekend consisted of this:

surrounded by family, good food, and the good word of God, i don't believe i could be any happier right now.  anne frank said, "whoever is happy makes others happy too.  he who has courage and faith will never perish in misery."

i love general conference.  it is such a blessing that we are able to be taught, inspired, and edified by our prophets and apostles.  i feel blessed to be a part of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

most definitely one of the best weekends of the year! cheers!