i will never, ever be 18 years old again.  ever.

i realized this when my mom texted me this morning:  "last day of 18... ever.  better make it your best!"

i have done a lot of things in my 18th year of life.  it's been a wonderful, hard, different year with so many monumental changes.

i graduated from high school.  

my family moved.  

i came to college. 

it seems crazy. 

here's to hoping my 19th year will be my best yet.  here's to many more amazing memories.  here's to everyone that made my 18th year spectacular. . .  i love you all so much! 



today in my human development class, [side note:  i absolutely LOVE this class.  anyone planning on becoming a mother should take it.  it's amazing.] the topic was puberty.

a little awkward.

i was reminiscing back on this ridiculous stage in my life when everything on the outside was so important.  how i looked, what i wore, who i was friends with, what i did for fun, where i lived. . .

i look back and it all seems really dumb.  in this new world that i've begun to get the hang of, i have realized that image is not everything.  it's hardly anything!  basically the only thing that matters is what's inside.  if you are true to yourself and the things you know to be right and you rely on the Lord for everything, that is what really matters.

anyway, my teacher started talking about how all adolescents feel like they have to fit in.  friends and media and social life has such a big impact on them, and if they don't get it "right", then they're labeled as losers and doomed to be socially awkward throughout high school.  adolescence is when self esteem goes wayyyy down.

then, she said, "in ephesians 2:10, it says 'for we are His workmanship.'"

God created us.  He specifically made us different.  and He knew what He was doing!  don't offend Him by putting yourself down.  and don't offend him by doing things you know wouldn't make Him proud.  He watches us.  He loves us.  He wants us to be our best.

i know i'm not the most beautiful person.  i will never be the most skinny, or have the most flawless skin, or the most wonderful hair, or the cutest clothes.  but inside, i know who i am.  i am a daughter of my Heavenly Father.  and He created me exactly how He was supposed to.

and you know what?  He created you, too.  exactly the way you're supposed to be.

don't forget that.



the above are all candid laughter shots.  even though these pictures are gross, i think they're priceless.  i'm a big believer in laughing away a bad day.

keep laughing everyone!


#1 GUY

there's a guy in my life right now that's pretty great.  he's an amazing example to me.  every single time i talk to him, i am in awe of just how awesome he is.  he's funny, kind, inspirational, sarcastic, a huge dork, and an incredible friend.  he is respectful of everyone.  he is a hard worker.  he tries to do his best at everything in life.  he is easy to talk to and fun to be around.  i wish everyone had a guy like him.

but the best thing about this guy is his spirit.

he is a spiritual giant.  i listen to what he has to say and am completely amazed by his wisdom, his testimony, and his humility.  he is so forgiving.  whenever we fight, i know that he will apologize and make things right between us again.

i know he loves me and wants the best for me.  i hope i marry someone a lot like him.

dad -- you're my #1 guy.  i sure love you!



called to serve!  two years to pittsburgh, pennsylvania.

spencer clay coleman is the best friend i have ever had.  he was always there to listen when i had something i needed to vent out.  he always knew when something was wrong.  he genuinely cared about my feelings.  there were so many times that i needed someone, and so i called him up just to talk.  he heard way too much about my silly drama, but he was there when no one else was.  i owe him so much.

he's leaving tomorrow for the mtc.  he'll be a fantastic missionary.  he's come a long way in the years i've known him.  his testimony shines through him.  what a great example.  what a wonderful friend.

i've cried a lot in the past 12 hours.  saying goodbye is hard.  change happens -- it's part of growing up -- but sometimes it's hard to accept it.

thank you, spencer, for everything you taught me and for everything we've been through together.

"friends make the bad times good, and the good times unforgettable."

two younger sisters with our big brother in our matching jackets
we love you spencer! 



is this always how i feel at the beginning of the new year?  i don't remember.

right now, i adore my life.

it feels like i've reached a milestone of some kind.  i survived a semester at byu -- barely.  honestly, it wasn't the best.  i didn't do as well as i could have, or should have.  first semester for me was a LOT of playing, a little bit of working, a little bit of sleep, and a whole lot more playing.

over christmas break, i re-prioritized.  sleep is, in fact, important.  getting up early makes the whole day better!  my homework is getting done.  i actually love studying -- the things that i'm studying are so interesting this semester!  my scripture reading is happening.  my prayers are more sincere.  i'm so much happier.

today, i read this blog post and realized that i feel exactly the same way.

some people ask me:  but wait!  you don't have a boyfriend.  you don't have a lot of money.  you don't have a car.  you don't have a nice phone.  how can you be so completely happy?

here's my newsflash for you:  i don't need a lot of money.  i don't need a car.  i don't need a nice phone.  i don't need a boyfriend.  (i guess i do eventually. . . haha.  the right one will come.  right now, i'm totally okay with hanging out with the amazing friends that i've made.)  happiness doesn't come from those things.

happiness comes from:
living life to the fullest.  giving the Lord your all.
laughing at your mistakes.  making changes where necessary.
and loving the people around you.




wondering if i'm serious?  well. . .  i am! 

at my senior graduation all night party last may, i won a yoga mat, a yoga DVD, a yoga block, and a yoga strap.  and i'm putting it to good use now! 

yoga is super relaxing.  i tried it the other night, with riley (yes, riley. boys can do it too!), haley, margarita, dana, and morgan.  it was an awesome workout.  it stretches your body, and then relaxes you completely.  i am going to do it every day from now on!  



today i was called to be the gospel doctrine teacher.


yeah, i'm kind of nervous.

but i've been thinking.  the Lord has a plan for me.  He knows me better than i know myself.  i must have been called as gospel doctrine teacher not so that i could help others learn, but so i could benefit from it myself.

i recently received a letter from a missionary who reminded me what i need to be doing:  "give life your all.  the lord your all.  every day.  do your best.  be your best."  i almost cried.  he knew -- from clear down in brazil! -- that i needed to hear that right now in my life.  in whatever aspect of my life it is, be it school or work or family or church (including teaching the gospel doctrine class!), i WILL do my best and give it my all.

i'm nervous.  but excited.  i'm moving forward in my life, becoming better.  life is fantastic!

happy sunday!



my brother's been walking around the house, singing this song, for the past couple days. it wasn't until today that i realized it was the perfect song to kick off the new year! what better way to start fresh than to make a change within yourself. that is my goal for this year: take a look at myself, and then make a change to make the world around me a better place.

i started my changes within myself by deleting my facebook account. shocked?

i decided that i was spending way too much time involved on the drama that wasn't even real life. online, there are so many things to distract me from what's really important in life: getting good grades, developing my relationships with my friends and family, reading my scriptures, praying, cooking, exercising. . . there are a billion BETTER things i could be doing than getting on facebook. so i deleted it.

i feel accomplished. ridiculous, right?

i have other goals for this year. i'm going to show 2012 and the rest of the world who shaylee wilcox is! i'm going to read my scriptures every single day. i'm going to write in my journal. i'm going to play the piano. i'm going to sing. i'm going to study and get a 3.5 gpa this semester or above. i'm going to work 20 hours each week. i'm going to make new friends. i'm going to develop my testimony. i'm going to exercise daily.

it's going to be hard to make changes in my life. but i can do hard things!

here's to a wonderful, challenging, beautiful, prosperous new year! 2012!