Perhaps my favorite place in the world is my front porch.  It overlooks the valley, it's big, it faces the sun.  When I was younger, I would take a big book and a glass of ice water out to the front porch and read for hours.  I loved feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and being out there to see the happenings in my corner of the world.

Here I am.  That's the front porch (and the house) where I grew up.

From the porch, I saw neighbors come and go. Sunrises. Sunsets. I read countless stories and wrote many of my own. I made sense of the world from the small, limited view I saw from my front porch.

Now, I have experienced much more than that ten-year-old in the grass. I look out from the same front porch but I do not see the same view. I see color, detail, and life because of things I have done and accomplished.

This is the same sun that has been rising and setting for thousands of years. I took this picture from my front porch; I've watched this sun move across the sky my whole life. But because I stepped off the front porch and experienced so much, it looks different to me now.

 I want to help people find the refreshing good view to be seen from their front porch. 

Welcome to my front porch!

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Brenda said...

So beautifully written! I love getting a glimpse into your heart :)