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what are five passions you have?

first of all, i need to start this off by saying that i am pretty dang passionate.  passion is such an interesting feeling.. you almost can't describe it.  i just feel so much about all of these things.  honestly, i can hardly even put it into words (which seems silly).  just know that as i'm writing about my passions, i feel like i want to jump out of my chair, shake you, and make you feel how i feel.

1.  writing/reading/words.  ah, the power of words!  it's so amazing that you can feel so much just from one or two words on a page.  i love getting wrapped up in a good book, or composing a poem that gives me the chills.  i could spend eons of time simply writing and reading.  (i think this is why i'm addicted to blogging - i absolutely love writing my thoughts down for others to read... well, others and myself!)

2.  running.  i love to run!  and i'm sure you already know that about me, but seriously people, if you haven't experienced the runner's high... you neeeed to.  you wouldn't think that pounding down the road at 6 am, freezing but sweating to death at the same time, rounding the corner at 5.6 miles, could be fun.  it is.  i swear.  it's the best feeling in the world.

3.  my family.  not only my wonderful parents and incredible siblings (who you've heard so much about), but also my extended family.  aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, and the like.  i also would consider some of my closest friends my family.  i love these people with my whole heart and have been immensely blessed to be part of such a wonderful, close-knit, friendly, fun-loving, goofy, spiritual, loving family.

4.  music.  the power of music is equal to the power of words, in my opinion.  music can just make you feel so many different things.  joy.  happiness.  anger.  frustration.  anxiety.  it's amazing and beautiful.

5.  my faith.  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has blessed my life more than i could even say.  i feel passionately about my knowledge of its truthfulness.  i am so thankful to have been born in the covenant and be able to stand as a witness of Jesus Christ.

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