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what is your dream job and why?

i want to be a mom. 

i want to stay at home with my children and watch them grow up.  i want to be there to kiss their toes, tickle them, wipe away their tears, settle their arguments, tuck them in bed, teach them right from wrong, laugh with them, and council them. 

so many people think that this job is not really a job.  but i beg to differ.  how many people now seated behind a desk could stay at home, battling runny noses and tantrums and toys and barney and naps all day? 

not many. 

in the family: a proclamation to the world, it says that "mothers are primarily responsible for the nuture of their children."  what better dream job is there than to nuture your children?  teach them the correct principles of the gospel?  be there when they need you?  i don't see that there is a better job. 

obviously, there are many circumstances where the mother has to work to help provide for her family.  i understand this and support it.  i hope and pray that my circumstances will allow me to stay home with my children, but they might not.  whatever happens in my future, i know that if i make each decision prayerfully and carefully, the Lord will take care of me.  stay-at-home mom or not, i want to be the best mother i can be to my future children.

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Michelle said...

Good Choice :) It is a dream job!!!! You will be such a good mom!!