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describe your most embarrassing moment.

ya know?  i think i'll write about two.  i can't decide which one was more embarrassing, and perhaps someone will read this and learn from my mistakes.  the first one i can laugh about... but the second one is just mortifying. 

#1:  the summer before my senior year of high school, the varsity members of the cross country team were invited to go to HARC - High Altitude Running Camp - and spend 4 days.  i was so excited!  it turned out to be some of the best 4 days of my life.  we went running mulitple times a day, cooked yummy food, played pranks on each other, had a mud fight, and more. 

however, the one drawback to HARC was that it was freeeeezing at night.  like, can't-sleep-cause-i-can't-feel-my-toes-or-my-face-shiver-all-night-bone-chilling kind of freezing.  we bundled up in layers of sweats, blankets, and pillows and burrowed down in our sleeping bags, trying to keep warm.  one night, my tent was all in bed.  we couldn't hear the other tents talking anymore, so we assumed that everyone was asleep.  we were still gossiping (as only girls do during sleepovers) and suddenly i felt the need to pass gas.  i figured, eh what the heck, no one will know, and i'm in my sleeping bag anyway... so i let it rip.  amazingly, i was warmer!  so i decided to share with my tent:  "guys!  i just farted in my sleeping bag and it got like 10 times warmer in here!" 

snickers.  from outside the tent.

i shot up out of my sleeping bag and peered out the window of the tent.  the entire boys' team was right there outside the tent, eavesdropping on our conversation.  they were rolling on the ground laughing. eavesdropping had paid off for them!  i wanted to die.

to this day, they still tease me about that.  live and learn, i guess.  i sure won't be sharing my business anymore.

#2:  i wouldn't say that i am a clean freak now, but i sure have learned the value of having a clean room since i moved away from home.  i make my bed every day and keep my clothes picked up off the floor.  for the most part, i have a very clean room.

in high school, i wasn't so much this way.

junior prom was approaching, and i knew that spencer coleman was going to ask me.  i just didn't know when.  well, one day, i noticed my laundry basket, which was completely overflowing.  i needed to do laundry desperately, but i also had to work that day.  i thought to myself, i'll sort my laundry in here, and then put a load in when i get home from work tonight.  it seemed like the perfect plan.  my bedroom was in the basement, and no one went in there.  i shut the door and went to work, leaving piles of diry underclothing, socks, pants, shirts, camisoles, and skirts in my room, all color coordinated and ready to be put in the washer.

unbeknownst to me, spencer decided to choose THAT day to ask me to prom... and he had to go in my bedroom.  i'm sure it was shocking for him to see my dirty laundry piled all around my room.  (and when i say all around my room, i mean it.  it seriously covered the floor.)  (and by the way, while i'm at it, didn't anyone in my family think to LOOK in my room before they let a boy in there??  help me out, people.)

anyway, the next day at school, i went up and talked to spencer about how he'd asked me.  he mentioned my dirty room, and i about died.  literally.  i wanted to melt into the floor.  my dirty laundry had been all over and he'd seen it!!  he teased me about it for years.  everytime he brought it up, i wanted to kill him.  or myself.

i still don't even like thinking about this.  ugh.

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