sometimes, you have stupid moments.  and they're just really embarrassing.  and you wish you could take it back.... but you can't.  live, and let live.  here's the story:

morgan and i were kickin' it in heebs.  we sat on the bed and chatted -- our usual boy bashing, venting, giggling, shrieking kind of talking.  about 9:45, we decided it was time for dinner.  {our college time schedule emerging... uh oh.}  we got in the car and drove down to kneaders.  we pulled into the drive-thru behind another car and quickly decided what delicious sandwich we were going to have.  as soon as the other car pulled forward, we heard an automated voice coming out of the drive thru speaker: 

"i'm sorry.  our store is now closed.  i'm sorry.  our store is now closed.  i'm sorry.  our store is now closed." 

we immediately started yelling back at the speaker, not because we thought someone was listening, but just simply out of frustration: 


"Help me! I'm HUNGRY!"


"Those people JUST went through!!!!"

suddenly, another voice issued out of the speaker:  "alright, pull on through and i'll help you at the second window."


i'm sure our faces were pure TERROR.  hahaha!!  we looked at each other, jaws dopped, eyes wide, faces blushing red.  we started to pull forward, freaking OUT.  we thought that they'd turned the speaker off for the night, not that they were still listening to two stupid college girls, craving kneaders at 10:00!  mortifying.  that's what it was.  i did NOT want to pull up to the window and show my face.  but what could we do? 

sheepishly, we pulled up to the window.  i started on a long spiel of how we didn't think they could hear us and that we were so sorry and they didn't have to help us and we felt really bad and we didn't mean to be rude and on and on....

do you know what the guy said?  he smiled and said, "it's okay.  everyone in here heard you." 

ohhhh great!  perfect.  thank you, sir.  i'll just put a paper bag on my head and drive away now.  excuse me as i go DIE. 

well, whatever.  at least we got our food, right?

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Julia said...

hahahahahahahahaha i would have died!!! hahaha that's hilarious! of course you guys would say that! ha