• my job.  i love love love it!
  • the lady at domino's that now knows my name over the phone when i call in my office's lunch order.  me:  "that would be three mediums, sausage and jalapeno, hawaiian and jalapeno, and sausage and pepperoni."
    domino's lady:  "pick up?"
    me:  "yes."
    domino's lady:  "shaylee, right?"
    me:  hahahaahahaha whhaaaat? "uh.. yeah."
    i guess we order pizza too often in my office.  we all got a good kick outta that one today.
  • the sun.... mmmmmmm :)
  • new summer sun dresses
  • the fact that today is saturday and the start to my weekend!
  • reese's peanut butter cups.. yeah. life doesn't get much better than that DELICIOUS CANDY
  • family coming into town!
  • gooooood music
  • two hour skype sesh with my best friend! check it: 

yeah... happy weekend to me!!
and to you, too!


Morg said...

Hahaha love the pizza story! And I adore your new sun dresses as well :)

Julia said...

hahahahahahaha that picture will never get old!

Melina May said...

What?? I wanna see your new sun dresses!!!