so... julia decided to be cool and put a bazillion embarrassing pictures of me on her blog.  luckily, her blog is private so most of you can't see those pictures of me.  but i decided that this means WAR.  and so, blog wars is ON!

exhibit a:
this is what happens when you ask your best friend to "hold your phone" while you go to the bathroom at our sterling scholar competition.  i have like 50 of these gems. 

 exhibit b:
my best friend, asian style. 

 exhibit c:
i'll be the first to admit this isn't a great picture of me either.  but jewels?  i'd say it isn't your best look... ;)

 exhibit d:
well... i think she smelled something gross...

 exhibit e:
don't mess with this chick.

 exhibit f:
also don't get in the way of jewels and her ice cream!

 exhibit g:
uh.. all i can say is... wow.

 exhibit h:
yeah, she likes oreos. so what?

 exhibit i:
hahahahaha i love this picture! julia you look like an old grandpa! 

{okay, so you had a bunch more of me.  but still... hehe admit that i got you back!}


Julia said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha okay lets pull out the sterling scholar pics.....well shay i still have some up my sleeve.

Morg said...

hahahaha these are making me crack up!!