going to the care center has been really fun!  those weekly trips with marianne are usually the highlight of my week.  i love feeling like i'm making a difference in someone's life.  and even if it isn't any of those people, i have made a difference in MY life and it has made me a more grateful person.

anyway, last week at the care center was .... interesting .... to say the least.  i have never been more speechless in my life!

i was visiting with an older man named keith about his wife.  i was just trying to make conversation and get to know him, so i said, "what was your favorite thing about her?"

he looked straight at me, and without batting an eye, said, "her breasts."

pretty sure my face went beet-red, and i said, "uh. what?"  like i hadn't heard him.  but duh.  i heard him.  loud and CLEAR!!  i fought down the urge to start giggling.

so, keith, unabashed, says even louder: "her breasts!"

um, okay buddy!  what the heck am i supposed to say to that?!  i was trying not to laugh sooo hard.  i cleared my throat like 5 times, and then said, "oh. yeah... those are important!"  and changed the subject FAST before i started laughing hysterically.  it was the funniest/most awkward moment in a long time.

gotta love those old folks! :)

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Morg said...

hahahahahaha!! too funny...