today melina sent me a recording of us sometime last year talking about poop.  weird, i know.  but also very reminiscent of my freshman year.  ahh.  i miss it!

i miss those times, just sitting on the couch, talking about whatever.

i miss late night ice cream runs and wal mart shopping trips.

i miss homework parties and days spent at the library.

i miss making lunch and dinner and treats together.

i miss staying up late just because and movies always on my laptop.

i miss spying on people and doing stupid random funny pranks.

i miss our inside jokes and our GNOs (plus riley haha).

i miss dumping cold water on each other in the shower.

i miss running to julia's to tell her and jess some big story!

i miss reading our missionary letters out loud to each other and going on runs.

i miss church together and naps together.

i am sooo excited for august when i get to move back down to provo and have all my best friends back!  <3


riley said...

Well, not ALL of them... :(

Shaylee Wilcox said...

awww Riles!!! :( we will miss you tons! It was great seeing you tonight. but don't worry, you'll be getting lots of letters and updates from us all!

Melina May said...

This was the greatest post ever! And Riley... You leave so soon!!

Morg said...

Aw this is presh!! I miss those things too :) Great times...