to lose yourself in service is a wonderful and beautiful thing.  i think, however, that the value of serving others has been lost in today's society.  selfishness has taken the place of looking out for thy neighbor and pride has gotten in the way of being helpful.

my sister is in mexico on a humanitarian trip right now.  she has spent the past 3 days will spend the next 2 building houses for people down there.  although it is so hard, she has written back saying that the work is amazing and she is so glad she is there.  i am so proud of her!

last night marianne and i went to the care center, just because.  we took cookies and nail polish and chatted with the ladies there for awhile.  we heard maxine's stories and painted grace's nails and offered everyone a cookie and told them we'd be back next week.  it was nice.  i'm not even sure how to describe it.   taking the time to think about someone besides myself was enlightening and refreshing.  the realization that i need to look out for others hit me last night. 

i remember a talk that my dad gave once.  for some reason, his words have stuck with me for all these years.  he said that through our trials, we need to do three things:

1.  reach within ourselves.
2.  reach out in service.
3.  reach up to God.

i have tried this summer to reach within myself and further discover who i am.  i have made goals and am working to achieve them.  i have prayed fervently to the Lord to keep me in mind and help me in what i need.  but i have been missing service. 

but not anymore.  weekly visits to the care center are now on my summer bucket list.

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