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describe 3 significant memories from your childhood. {why does it make you do 2 posts about childhood memories??  i guess one is one is fond and one is significant.  here are the significant ones.}

#1:  when my dad was made the bishop, i was 9.  our previous bishop had been released and they hadn't called a new one yet.  i remember my friend aubree and i were on the bus talking about who we thought the new bishop would be.  that night, my parents called me into their bedroom and told me that my dad was going to be the bishop.  i remember feeling privileged that they would trust me with this information before the other kids.  that sunday when my dad was called, before he went up to the stand, he leaned over to me and said, "pray for me."  i could've burst with pride that my dad wanted me to pray for him.  it was a special experience for my little 9-year-old self to have, praying to my Father in Heaven for my earthly father.  i will never forget that.  

#2:  every year on the first day of school, my mom would make a big deal about it.  she would make us stand in front of the door and take our picture, wearing our new school clothes and sporting a new backpack, our hair perfect and our smiles huge.  school was fun!  i remember feeling super cool as i hopped on my bike to ride the few blocks down to JR Smith Elementary.  i loved school.

#3:  field day was always the best day of the year.  the weather was warm, school was almost out, and what better way to spend the day than playing outside, competing against your classmates, and buying treats from the PTA table?!  the highlight of the day, though, was the very beginning:  the race around the entire field.  in the back of our school there was a gigantic field and every year field day started off with a race around the entire thing.  i was never super fast, but one year {i don't remember which!} i was determined to do well.  i raced my guts out and got 3rd place in the entire ___ grade!  i was so proud of myself.  i knew then that i could do anything i put my mind to.  what a great lesson for a kid to learn.

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