so, this song pretty much just describes my mood today:  happy, joyful, and so in LOVE with the sun!

we spent the majority of the afternoon outside on a blanket, laying there reading, homework-ing, talking, and soaking up the sun's amazing rays.

the moments captured today (unfortunately, no pictures of us outside.  i'm a horrible photographer):

yes, we actually put our sunglasses on to go sit outside. whoooooo for summer!! (okay... spring.)

we discovered a new recipe!  we made it up -- be proud!  it's called lemon butter garlic chicken and pasta.  it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  it's delicious.  and lemons make everything taste like summer.  haley and i are excited to eat, obviously. 

AND homemade lemonade, straight from AZ and thanks to our lovely melina :) 

here's to summer!  hope your day was equally as lovely and full of sunshine! 

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