whoo!!!!!  it's FINALLY friday!

this week has been one of those weeks where every day feels like it drags on.  monday felt like it should be friday already.  tuesday felt like we hadn't had a weekend for a month.  wednesday, i wanted to die.  thursday felt like 3 days all rolled into one.  and now... friday is here!

granted, i still have to take a test.  but as soon as the test is over, i'm going home!

but... i have laundry to do.  and a lot of studying for next week.  and my friday night will probably be spent at home doing these things.

but hey, it's still friday.  and that means two days of no school.  hallelujah!

happy friday to everyone!

ps.  the greatest thing about this friday is the beautiful WEATHER!!! have you been outside? it is lovely.  i'm not even wearing a coat today! not even a jacket! i'm definitely walking home and then staying outside until the sun goes down.  summer, you can't come fast enough! :)

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Julia said...

you sound like me today....like you have ADD hahaha