happy birthday to the greatest lady ever, my mom!  top 10 reasons why i love her so much:

#1:  she's a fabulous cook.  does your mom make you sweet potato hashbrowns?  chocolate chip cookies?  green smoothies?  gingerbread waffles?  chunky monkey pancakes?  rustic bread?  divine rolls?  if she does, i'm sure she doesn't make it as good as my mom does.  my mom not only can make anything taste delicious, but she knows the importance of eating healthy and she has passed that along to me.  one of the things that i'm going to take to my own family was the rule that we couldn't come to the dinner table saying "i don't like this."  it had to be "this isn't my favorite..."  haha.  i've come to love that rule.  thanks for such a great legacy of cooking, mom.  i know i won't ever be able to fill those shoes.

 probably the best bread you'll ever taste in your life.  ever.

#2:  she's a runner!!  LOVE this!  throughout my lame, awkward 6th-8th grade years, i wanted to be good at something.  my mom, through example, made me fall in love with running.  we've run a few half marathons together, two Ragnar relays, and many other races, as well as run pretty much all over heber valley.  i can't even begin to express how valuable this time with my mama is to me.  we are able to talk while running.  i have learned so much about my mom through these experiences, and i think she's learned a lot about me as well.  these times, running with my mom, will forever be some of my favorite memories.

my family ran our first 5K!  not sure what year this was, but it was a while ago because parker and whitney look like babies.  haha.  i know, my family's awesome.  you don't have to tell me. 

#3:  she's so easy to talk to.  my mom has always been my best friend.  when i get home from school, or a date, or a night with my friends, my time is usually spent either following her around the house or sitting on her bed, telling her about what i did.  i love that she will listen to me.  i know she cares about what i'm talking about.  when i've made a mistake, i feel like i can talk to my mom about it and she will help me through it.  now that i'm not living at home, we text pretty much all day every day, and usually talk on the phone.  i'm so glad we do!  mom, i love talking to you! 

 best friends.  always.  :) 

#4:  she loves my dad.  i am so blessed to have the parents that i do, and that they love each other so much.  they have taught me what a marriage should be like, and how life should be lived.  i love that they love each other.  they love doing things for each other, going places together, spending time together, exercising together, playing games together, and teasing each other.  i want my relationship with my husband to be like my parents' relationship. 

man, look at them.  they are stinkin cute!!  20 years and going strong!

#5:  she's got an amazing testimony.  i know she loves the gospel and the Lord so much.  i don't think i could have been taught any better how to put the Lord first in my life and be successful in the gospel.  my mom has taught me that the gospel life is the best life, and true happiness can only be achieved through giving your heart to the Lord.  she pushes me to be better every single day.  how grateful i am for that!  she always magnifies her callings and tries a little harder every day.  what an amazing example.  

my young women leaders of the heber first ward.  my mom was the president and did an AMAZING job.

#6:  she's an awesome quilter.  (okay, i know you've gotta be thinking.. is there anything she DOESN'T do?!  the answer is no.)  seriously though, her quilting/sewing skills rock.  she's made so many things for me -- i couldn't begin to write them all out here -- but my favorite thing is probably my bedspread.  i wanted a "hawaiian" room for so long, and my mom spent months on my quilt.  it is a beautiful quilt.  i love it so much i brought it with me to college.  she makes the most fabulous things!  she's got soooo much talent.  i will never be as talented as she is! 

yeah, my mom made that and hung it up on each of our birthdays every year. 

#7:  she is so positive!  my mom is constantly smiling and laughing and looking for ways to make a situation better.  i have learned so much from this.  she's so friendly to everyone she meets.  she makes me laugh on a daily basis, whether it be in person, or through a text, or on the phone.  she has one of those contagious personalities, where everyone wants to be around her.  i hope that i have taken some pages out of her book!  :) 

that's my mom, right there.  always so happy!! 

#8:  she is always, always willing to try new things.  whether it be a new recipe, a new food, a new outfit, a new exercise challenge, a new book, etc.  my mom is always willing to put herself out there!  she has gained so much from doing this.  i know i look up to her for all of the new things she tries... especially when we make fun of her for trying them, and then they end up being awesome.  

one time, my mom and i went to savers and picked out the ugliest clothes and tried them on.. dontcha wish your mom did that with you?! 

#9:  she has a wonderful relationship with her mom.  i think this is what made me yearn for a good relationship with my mom.  my mom and my grandma are such great examples to me.  they, too, are best friends -- something that i look up to so much.  they love to see each other, laugh together, spend time together, and give advice to each other.  what a legacy of love.  

two of the cutest ladies on the planet.  love you mom and grandma :) 

#10:  she is my biggest support.  everything i do, my mom is behind me 100%.  she pushed me through high school to be my best.  she pushed me in piano to excel.  she is still pushing me today.  she supports my decisions and loves me unconditionally.  no better mom could do that!  mom, i love you so much.  i hope your day is absolutely fantastic because you sure deserve it.  thanks for being the best mom and my best friend!  

my support system :) 


Michelle said...

She is amazing! You are too - what a great post - I love reading your blog!

Taylor Psalto said...

Shay Bay! This is adorable :) I love your mama!