1 PRO, 1 CON

one of the pros about going to byu is that everyone is exceptionally friendly.  walk down the sidewalk and make eye contact with someone, and instead of feeling that awkward shoot we made eye contact, look away..  look away..  feeling, you get a smile and a nod, or maybe even a "hi!"  with complete strangers.  it's a friendly campus.

one of the cons about everyone being so friendly is that when you step off the bus, and the overpowering wind blows a large gust of dust/leaves in your eyes, and they immediately start watering... then everyone you pass on the sidewalk looks at you with concern.  this just happened to me.  10 minutes ago.  my eyes were watering (that dang wind), and not one but TWO people stopped me and said, "are you doing okay?"  one was my lovely visiting teacher, and the other was a complete stranger.  embarrassing.  guys, i'm fine, i'm fine, it's the wind.  thanks though.

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