gordon b. hinckley said, "do the best you can.  but i want to emphasize that it be the very best.  we are too prone to be satisfied with mediocre performance.  we are capable of doing so much better."

i think i've allowed myself to forget the importance of this.

doing my best doesn't mean simply doing what i'm barely supposed to -- going to school, working, reading my scriptures, doing some studying, preparing my sunday school lesson the day before (or the day of)...

it's just not enough.

i need to go to school and learn.  i'm at byu, the greatest university ever (yes, i'm biased.  you should ALL be here), and i need to take advantage of this tremendous blessing.  i need to work, the full 20 hours a week, so that i'm not living off yogurt and apples and granola bars.  i need to not only read my scriptures, but study them, and ponder them, and pray about them.  i need to study my hardest so that i can get a great gpa.  i need to prepare my sunday school a week before, and be thinking about it!

shaylee k -- it's time to be your very BEST.

anyone with me?

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