my roommates and i are secret agents... shh.  don't tell.  we absolutely love spying on our friends and their dates.

it does make it convenient that we have a peephole, which we can look out whenever we hear someone arriving back home from a date.  whether it be a hug, a handshake, a high-five, a kiss on the cheek, a peck on the lips, or something a little longer than that, those of us watching inside wouldn't miss those moments for the world.  a dtr (for those of you that aren't up-to-date on these fun abbreviations, that means 'define the relationship') is always fun to watch as well.  those call for a longer stake out -- at the window.  i think it's safe to say i have now successfully mastered the art of spying.  want me to let you in on the secrets?

lights = off.  all of them.  your unsuspecting friend and her potential (or maybe not) boyfriend outside can't know what's going on.

blinds = cracked.  we have found that you can hold them with your fingers, but then that gets really old.  the best method for spying is to stick your nose all the way on the window, and hold the blinds down with your nose.  it works quite well.

pillows = necessity.  your neck gets real tired from craning it to see what's going on in the conversation down below.  prop a pillow under your chin, nose holding the blinds open... heck, you could stay like that for hours!

commentary = hilarious.  it's amazing what comes out of your mouth during these secret spy sessions.  "they look upset... it must not be going well."  "oh, well he just put his hand on her knee, that's a good sign."  "are they gonna kiss?"  "i can't see!!"  "they're leaning in...."  "what do you think they're talking about?"  "what could they POSSIBLY be talking about?!"

i'm pretty sure i've done this to every single one of my roommates... without fail.  i don't think any one of them has ever done it to me.  i must be pro!! ;)

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