spotify is such a beautiful thing. oh, you don't know what that is? it's like this... thing. not really a website. what would you call it then? an app? i don't know, i'm not really tech savvy. but it's really cool. you type in the name of an artist and it comes up with all their songs. right now i'm in a missy higgins mood. earlier it was journey. it changes regularly. tonight for dinner i had a mexican casserole. it was pretty delicious. melina made it. also at ward prayer, these guys in our ward had a really awesome talent. they danced to "i want it that way" by the backstreet boys. man, i really like the backstreet boys. those were the good old days. now it seems like life is just rap and techno. eww.. techno. i'm not really that big of a fan. tomorrow school starts again. the weekend just wasn't long enough! but on the plus side - this week is looking up! there's a relief society scavenger hunt on tuesday. interview with the bishop on wednesday. halloween party on saturday. i'm excited. today i skyped my family. they are so awesome. i find myself being more and more thankful for them every day. i think college has made me a more thankful person in general. i am so thankful for little things, like the leaves on the trees and the food on my plate and the fact that my legs work so i can walk to and from school. life is really wonderful. nothing to complain about. i have good friends, good family, and a good song just came on. where i stood. missy higgins. listen to it.

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