tonight i was feeling very stressed. school, finances, work, boys, and people were weighing down on me. on top of that, i needed to study for my american heritage test coming up this week. i decided that in order to achieve the best possible studying, i would do the following:
  1. dim the lights
  2. warm up my lavender rice bag and put it over my eyes (a little therapy before homework)
  3. put on relaxing music (shine by william joseph)
so, i'm sitting there in the armchair, breathing in the scent of lavender and de-stressing before i studied, when i heard snickers from the couch.


i ripped the lavender bag off my eyes and demanded, "what?!"

and the response? "nothing." very suspicious. i jumped off the armchair and turned dana's computer around. this is what i saw:

wow. okay. thank you, roommates. another picture for facebook to see. as embarrassing as it is, i decided my blog followers would probably enjoy it as well.


Travis said...

This is what I'm paying for? It looks more like you are at a spa that a school! - dad

kara said...

Ahh! Love the relaxing technique. Don't think I didn't notice your t-shirt either. Go Swiss Days!

Tessa Lee said...

LOVE that song :)hope you did well on the American Heritage test! I sure didn't!