my mother bought me some yams when i went off to school. despite my incredible culinary abilities, i did not find any recipe in which i could use these yams. and so, i put them under the sink with the rest of the potatoes. and. . .

i forgot about them.

tonight, as morgan and i were doing the dishes, i saw some rather disgusting brown juice on the kitchen floor under the sink. "okay, what is that?!"

morgan opened the kitchen cupboard. . . .

as soon as we saw this, all 5 of us started screaming. and when i say screaming, i mean SCREAMING. we all ran from the kitchen to the living room and jumped onto the couch, on top of each other, gripping each other's arms and screeching our little hearts out. "oh my gosh! sick! sick!" "AGHHHH!!!!" "that is sooo gross! somebody do something!" "help! help! help!" "EWWWW!!!" i got so into it that i fell off the couch straight onto my back. ouch.

needless to say, it took us a while to get it cleaned up. we had to stop laughing first. :) oh how i love college!

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