(so, we had to take a tour of the library for our honors writing 150 class. professor goldberg told us that he would give us extra credit if we dressed up as tourists and took pictures. it turned out that us dressing up as tourists and taking pictures turned into a story, so here it goes.)

once upon a time, there lived two friends, laura and shaylee.

they wanted to take a tour of the harold b. lee library on byu campus, but they had heard rumors about a creepy guy roaming the halls of the library: skyler the taliban man. they weren't sure if these rumors were true, but just in case, they hired a body guard for their library tour. his name was robby.

the three of them started off on their adventure, getting mp3 players and headphones from the library to complete their audio tour.

they made their way through the library, learning where to find which books and what floor was used for what. as they got down to the third floor, suddenly out jumped skyler the taliban man, grabbing laura's leg! robby tackled him to the ground.

robby had to protect laura and shaylee. he wrestled skyler out to the balcony of the second floor. . .

. . .and pushed him off.

well, soon after this, skyler begged for forgiveness. it turned out that skyler was actually a pretty nice guy. so robby and shaylee and laura decided to let him join them for the remainder of the tour. they had a really good time.

the end.

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