before college, i hated to cook. i mean, hated it so much that i would do ANYTHING to get out of cooking. i remember days when my mom would look at me, roll her eyes, and say, "how do you expect to live in college?!"

every time, my response would be: "just you wait, my culinary abilities are going to come out when i move away!"

i have made many things in the kitchen. here are two examples of my latest:

the other morning, i made german pancakes. they puffed up huge in the oven. they were DELICIOUS.

last night for dinner, i made chicken divan. rice, chicken, cheese, broccoli. . . it was awesome. i didn't get a picture until we'd already started eating it, but here's a little preview:

i rest my case. i can be a cook! i still don't really enjoy it, but it's not the dreaded task it once was. so there mom! :)

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