i absolutely LOVE dance parties. and dance parties where you get to dress up? does life get much better than that? i think not!

i've decided that i was meant to be an 80's girl. what a fantastic decade. great music: journey, cheap trick, guns and roses, cyndi lauper, bon jovi, abba, bryan adams, billy joel. . . it's so much better than music today. and their style?! love it. crazy hair, tons of makeup, bright colors, sweatshirts, vans, leg warmers. why was i born in the 90's? i should have been a teenager in the 80's. i wish.

anyway. we all went to the wyview halloween party as girls from different decades. (we missed haley, she was working the basketball game. sad day.) dana was a 20's flapper girl. elyse was a 40's girl -- like the notebook! melina was a cute 50's girl in her poodle skirt and high ponytail. jewels and i rocked the 80's look. it was such a fun night! i love dressing up! and i love halloween!!

jewels and i decided the shower curtain would be a great picture backdrop. haha!

my best friends! dana, melina, elyse, me, julia :)


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