tonight, tonight

college is really weird.

you move in with a bunch of people you've never met. suddenly, you have to share a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, your food, your schedule, your privacy, and your secrets.

and suddenly.... you have new best friends.

tonight i got home after a long day of work, homework, and more work. i was exhausted!! i walked in the door and what did i see? the kitchen table set for three. dana made dinner! i couldn't believe how grateful i was. we had the best dinner ever. bbq chicken, rice, salad, and a mystery drink (probably a bunch of stuff from the fridge thrown together -- but it was delicious!). yum yum yum. thank you dana. love you :) we ate like a little family. i feel very blessed to have the roommates i do. dana, morgan, melina, haley, and allie -- loves. and of course, julia, my best friend/sister. she came and ate our food too. haha. after dinner, we partied as usual, and had the girls next door bang on the wall because our music was too loud. then we went to the roll up restaurant in provo where they serve crepes of all kinds! my new favorite spot.

i love this new life i'm leading.

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