my roommates and i have been obsessed with wanting to do "shenanigans" every night now for the past week. we always want to do something crazy but can't figure out what! well, tonight we did. we made chocolate chip cookies and put them on a bunch of different plates, each with a sticky note that read, "bring plate back to room #300."

then, we decided to take them to random boys' apartments. now, keep in mind that it was about 11:30 pm at this point. we didn't want to take them in our regular clothes, so we dressed up. haley, melina, and dana wore hoodies. i wore a face mask.

then we took the cookies around. we had quite the adventure, sprinting away from the door as fast as we could and trying not to get caught, diving facedown onto the grass when a car would drive by, laughing so hard we thought we would pee our pants... ah, it was so much fun! i love my new friends and the adventures we have!

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