after a sad weekend, i'm ready to start this week off with a positive attitude.

sometimes, when something sad happens (such as my dog dying), i get so bombarded by all the sad/bad things that are happening to me and feel like i will never be happy again. how ridiculous is that?! i am soo blessed.

these things make me happy today.

goofy sister whom i love dearly.

mac and cheese... mmmmm.

completely self explanatory.

jewels. my best friend.

new favorite song.. such a good one!

family. i love them so much.
mom, whit, park, me, jare, dad
(even though my dad looks mentally handicapped in this picture)
haha. love you dad.


Julia said...

aw shay.....i love ya too! "you're shaylee wilcox, always happy!" you definitely help calm me down when i'm stressed thanks DUDE! :)

Travis said...

Mentally what??!! Not cool. I have to say that Parker looks like he is doing an Irish river dance! :) - dad