today i felt very accomplished! i had no school and no work today -- a huge relief. it was a much needed break. however, i didn't want to sit around all day and do nothing. then i knew i would feel like a slob. so i decided to get busy!

i woke up and rode the bus to campus early with haley. we met up with dana, morgan, elyse, and ally and all went to the devotional together. neil l anderson spoke about honesty. i feel so extremely blessed to be here at byu and have the opportunity to hear apostles speak to us all the time. it's awesome!

i came home and the house was a mess. when we have "parties" at night, we usually just crash and the mess doesn't really get cleaned up. i spent the entire morning doing dishes, scrubbing counters and floors, cleaning the bathroom, picking up the clutter, and organizing. cleaning is a bit therapeutic for me. it felt really good.

i then proceeded to make myself lunch. i have never been a cook and probably never will be, but something got into me today. i put two pieces of bread in the toaster oven with ham and provolone cheese just long enough that the bread was toasted and the cheese melted. then i took it out, sliced some tomato, and voila! lunch. it was fabulous.

i fit in a few hours of work today, too. i am so grateful to have my job as a research assistant and a TA. it works out absolutely perfectly for me.

cooking came next. i made peanut butter bars (recipe from our best bites) and was SO proud of myself. i never cook like that! they turned out amazing, too. what a pleasant surprise. dessert = check! i decided that for dinner i would make chicken, potatoes, and broccoli. mmmm.

just look at that delicious dinner! i fed dana, morgan, haley, melina, julia, elyse, and myself. it was awesome!!

do i feel accomplished today? why, yes, thank you for asking.

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