byu vs. utah! ... a huge bummer

i was SOOOOO excited to go to my first byu football game as a byu student. definitely not my first byu game; i've grown up a byu fan! however, for some of my roommates, it was their first. i came home on saturday to melina and dana gathered around a you tube video -- "the byu fight song." they were trying to sing it and not having too much luck. so, i tried to teach them. we sure had fun, and it pumped us up for the game!

i went to the game with julia and james, and we sat by ally, tessa, aubrey, and jessica. we passed so many fans for both byu and utah. there was so much energy! it was crazy. i was stoked!

julia and i

needless to say..... the game was a huge disappointment. HUGE. but we still had fun. life as a cougar! :)

me, tessa, ally


Julia said...

pretty sure i copyrighted these pictures but...whatev. hahah :)

Shaylee Wilcox said...

Hey! If I'm in the picture... I GET TO POST IT. Got it? Hahaha :)