a random assortment of thoughts

  • my hair is getting long again. finally!
  • i carry around smartwater with me wherever i go
  • temple trips are lovely
  • i don't detest cooking. but i still don't like it
  • homework parties get me through the day
  • comfy clothes are my favorite. i hate high heels
  • i don't really do my hair anymore. natural is the way to go
  • homework takes forever in college
  • my new goals: don't be selfish. don't be judgmental. i'm working on them.
  • i really need to repaint my toenails
  • facebook is soooo dumb. but i'm addicted. shoot.
  • people. high school drama is ridiculous. just let it go!
  • if i went to bed right now, it would be insanely early for me. it's midnight.
  • i really like cottage cheese... don't judge.
  • reading my scriptures = homework now. what the heck?
  • that's okay. i like reading my scriptures.
  • blogging is addictive :)


Jodiwp said...

I like cottage cheese too! Try frozen berries and splenda...and maybe a squirt of whipped cream. Delicious!

Shaylee Wilcox said...

Ooh.. sounds awesome! Good idea! :)