this... this is bliss :)

tonight i am... happy.

that's the word that comes to mind. i love my classes. is that weird? i never thought i would actually say that i love school. but i do! granted, i probably won't once finals come around. but these first two weeks have been absolutely incredible. i've learned things i had no idea about! i've met people that have blessed my life in so many ways. i've grown as a person. i've become more independent. i've realized who the important people in my life are -- my family. i've discovered that i can be anyone i want to be. i'm not labeled as the same person i always was in high school. and that is okay!

for all you people out there who are having a bad day, remember that the sun is behind the clouds. remember that tomorrow will be better! i wake up every day, excited to be alive. i feel content with who i am and where i'm headed. and i haven't always felt that way. lately, i feel ecstatic about life. :)

don't worry, that wasn't a soap box speech or a shout out to those who may be in depression... that post was mainly for me to spill my guts and say that i'm extremely happy to be alive.

livin. laughin. lovin. yes.

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Julia said...

Shay!!! I'm so happy you are finally loving college! I TOLD you it would be a blast and you would love it after 2 weeks! So glad we are here together! Love you!