sabbath day

my sabbath day has so far consisted of:
  • awakened by a pounding on the door at 9 am (thank you, melina)
  • monkey bread and scrambled eggs (again, thank you melina!)
  • interview with a member of the bishopric -- you are now looking at the provo ysa 129th ward visiting teaching supervisor!
  • hall meeting about cleaning checks (who knew they were so strict?)
  • discovering that we left one of the stove burners on all night (carbon monoxide poisoning?! almost! yikes! i guess we'd really better be more careful...)
  • facetime with the family (i love them)
  • deciding on tonight's dinner: mac and cheese
  • phone call with my grandparents (today is grandpa wilcox's birthday)
  • listening to my piano be played and feeling the spirit
  • smiling
  • laughing
  • praying
Wow. Today has been great. And it's not even over yet! I am so blessed :)

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