one saturday my parents paid me a visit.  they were nice enough to bring groceries i needed, candy for me to hand out in sunday school (yes, i bribe people to come to my class), and some other necessities.

one of these other "necessities" was a GIANT carrot.

now, i'm talking giant.  it was so huge and weird looking and crazy -- i had absolutely no idea what i would use it for.  apparently my mom had gotten a bunch of these abnormally gigantic carrots from bountiful baskets, a food co-op.  she thought it'd be funny to bring one to me.

my roommates and i thought it'd be funny to pass it along to someone else.

so, we made a sign.  and gave it to these boys in our ward who will remain nameless.  we're not sure if they'll pass it on.  but we thought it was hilarious and clever.

i guess when you're in college, studying your guts out until late at night, anything is funny.

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