shout out to everyone who made my birthday spectacular for so many reasons!!

jewels:  my #1 lady and my very best friend.  i love you so much!  thanks for the cute shirt, the awesome card (that i still laugh at when i look at it), for calling me at midnight, for taking me to school so i didn't have to ride the bus, and for everything through the years. and for posting this blog post.  you are such a wonderful friend.  i love you!

dad:  thanks so much for lunch!  i love having some daddy/daughter time and yesterday was so good to chat and catch up.  thanks for buying me conditioner and taking me to the bank.  thanks for always looking out for me and caring for me and loving me.  i love you!

mom:  thanks for the texts and phone calls and little signs of love you showed me yesterday and every day.  you are an amazing woman with so many qualities that i want to develop.  i hope one day to be just like you.  i love you!

whit twit and abbs:  thanks for the... ahem... lovely birthday song.  i miss and love you both!

dana, melina, morgan, margarita, haley:  thank you SO MUCH for everything you did to make my day special!  living away from my family, i thought my birthday would kind of be a bummer but it turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever!  thank you for dinner, such nice cards, presents, kind words, and the love that i feel from you all constantly.  i couldn't have been blessed with better friends or roommates!  i love you all!

ben:  thanks so much for taking me to get ice cream!  you are a wonderful friend :)

taylor put-salt-on-your-toe:  you are one good friend!  this blog post made me almost cry.  i am so thankful for you as a friend through the years, and for all the great memories we have had together.  thanks for all the nice things you said about me.  i love you!

my centerville-ites:  thanks for the birthday song!  and kell bell, thanks for texting me.  it brightened my day so much!  kaden, thank you for the chinese birthday song!  you are awesome bud -- keep that up!  i love you guys!

the katz:  thanks for thinking of me and calling me!  you guys are awesome.  thank you thank you.  i love you!

grandma and grandpa wilcox:  thank you for the card!!  and the money.  i'm excited to spend it. thank you for everything you do for me.  i love you guys tons!

grandma and grandpa waddoups:  thank you for calling me as well!  you have never failed to think about me and call me on my birthday and i am very very thankful.  i love you guys!

for anyone i left out, thank you for the texts, phone calls, cards, thoughts, and well-wishes.  know how much i love and appreciate you.  i have been blessed by each of you in my life in some way, and i feel so loved to have been remembered by you on my birthday.  i couldn't express my thanks for everything that i have been blessed with. . . largely because of you.  thank you!  much love to all!

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Julia said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! and i can't wait for laser tagging tomorrow! boo ya! :)